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Fast and Furious

(1939 b 74')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A couple on vacation gets involved in a beauty pageant and in solving a murder when their friend is accused.

Garda Sloane (Ann Sothern) heats the office of her husband Joel Sloane (Franchot Tone) so he will propose a cool vacation. Mike Stevens (Lee Bowman) gets Joel to loan him $5,000 for a beauty pageant, and Joel takes Garda to it. Mike's boss Eric Bartell (John Miljan) owes Ed Connors (Bernard Nedell) $20,000 and promises to give him $5,000. Garda complains that Joel looks at girls, and Joel learns he is to be a beauty judge. Lily Cole (Ruth Hussey) blames Eric for letting Jerry Lawrence (Mary Beth Hughes) charge clothes. Lily tells Jerry to stay away from Eric and slaps her. Ted Bentley (Allyn Joslyn) offers Emmy Lou publicity. Garda learns that Joel is a judge; but Ted brings friends into their room for a party. Ted warns Jerry about Eric. Garda intervenes between Joel and bathing beauties. Detective Sam Travers (Cliff Clark) tells Joel that Eric is taking pageant money, and Joel tells Mike, who goes to Eric and demands his money. Eric goes in his room, and Mike hears a shot. Mike gets Joel and Sam, and they find Eric murdered. Mike is arrested. Joel visits Mike in jail, and they suspect jealous Lily.

Joel watches Lily open Eric's safe. Ted tells Sam and Joel that Eric owed Ed money. Ed has Jerry leave before Sam calls on him. In the hall Joel questions Jerry, who admits she was in Eric's office but denies knowing where his money is. Sam and Joel have Ed arrested for questioning; but Lily says she saw Eric give the money to Ed. Garda is jealous, but Joel goes out to see Jerry. Garda gets Jerry's key from the house detective and searching finds her boat reservations, taking her passport, which she gives to Joel. In the basement Joel and Garda are nearly crushed by an elevator, but Joel stops it by shorting the current. Joel shows Jerry her passport, but she says that Ed got Eric's money. Joel knocks out Ed to search him.

At the show Eric tells two men to get Joel, who tells Sam and Ted that Jerry got the money and knows the killer. The police chief (Granville Bates) arrests Joel for searching Jerry's room, but Garda bails him out. A lion tamer brings three lions into Joel's room. The two men pull guns on Joel and Garda but see the lions and run. Garda and Joel faint. Joel takes the police chief, and they find the money Jerry had stowed in a suitcase in a locker. However, Jerry is found murdered by a knife. Joel takes Ted to the murder scene while keeping Garda outside. Joel accuses Ted, who pulls a gun; but he is overcome by the police chief. In the final scene Garda gets back at Joel when he finds a lion in her bed.

This detective story reflects interest in beauty pageants and diverts by combining comic interplay between the husband and wife with the murder mystery.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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