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Everything Happens at Night

(1939 b 77')

En: 5 Ed: 5

Competing journalists romance an ice skater while trying to find her father for a story.

In Paris late at night editor Fred Sherwood (Alan Dinehart) tells reporter Ken Morgan (Robert Cummings) that Nobel laureate Hugo Norden was not assassinated but is alive. On the train to San Palo in the Alps Ken meets Geoffrey Thompson (Ray Milland), who says he is a botanist. They share the last room in the hotel. Geoffrey's editor calls him, saying Ken is a journalist. Louise (Sonja Henie) skis into Geoffrey and Ken. In a bar Ken talks with large Hilda (Jody Gilbert) while Geoffrey dances with Louise. On the mountain Geoffrey tells Louise that he likes her. Louise tells Hugo Norden (Maurice Moscovitch) about Geoffrey and Ken. Geoffrey goes looking for Dr. Norden but finds Hilda. Ken tries to teach Louise ice skating and imagines her skating in a palace. Ken warns her not to trust him, because he loves her. Geoffrey stops at an inn and sees Norden, who is called Bruner. Geoffrey asks a policeman and Louise about Bruner. Geoffrey tells her that he and Ken are reporters. Ken tries to catch up to Louise skiing but falls. Louise takes Ken home, and he sees Norden. Ken invites Louise to Paris, but she says no. Ken sends a telegram. Geoffrey calls, has it read back, and sends it to his London paper. Fred calls Ken that he was scooped by Geoffrey.

Ken and Geoffrey compete to interview Norden, who pulls a gun and refuses. Louise says that Norden is her father and that they must not publish anything because he is in danger. They say the story already got out, and she gets angry at them. Ken and Geoffrey suspect a waiter. Louise sees five Gestapos arrive. The policeman questions the Gestapos. Geoffrey, Ken, Louise, and Norden leave in a sled and are chased by the Gestapos, who shoot at them. At the station Louise, Norden, and Geoffrey wait for the train as Geoffrey goes back to delay the Gestapos until the train goes. At a port Geoffrey has a man take Ken's suitcase, Geoffrey is arrested as Ken boards the boat with Louise and Norden. Geoffrey misses the boat but has Norden's memoirs.

This romantic comedy has a serious undertone as "peace leader" Norden is hunted by Nazis on the eve of the war. The Englishman and American are rivals in journalism and love as the persecuted European intellectual becomes one of the lucky few to escape to America.

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