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Everybody's Hobby

(1939 b 55')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A family finds that their individual hobbies make their lives happier.

At breakfast Uncle Bert Leslie (Aldrich Bowker) gives Tom Leslie (Henry O'Neill) excuses why he can't work. Robert Leslie (Jackie Moran) asks his father Tom for $50 for his radio hobby. Mrs. Myra Leslie (Irene Rich) collects stamps, and Evelyn Leslie (Jean Sharon) likes records. The new owner of the newspaper Hatfield (Frederic Tozere) tells editor Tom Leslie he must comply with the sensationalism that sells paper to keep his job. Bunny (Peggy Stewart) calls Robert, because he forgot their date. Uncle Bert covers a pot with Evelyn's record, warping it, and she drops Robert's hammer, breaking her new records. Tom tells Myra that the syndicate took over the paper and worries about his age. Robert says his father needs a hobby. Tom is given a camera after serving his lodge as master and makes photography his hobby. Uncle Bert cites dates and statistics, getting money from Tom. Ramon Castello (Alberto Morin) brings Evelyn records. Tom tells Robert to apologize for being rude to Ramon, who teaches Evelyn how to tango and kisses her. Robert gets $50 from his father to buy radio equipment, saying Bunny is a waste of time. Hatfield orders Tom to put a divorce on page one; but Tom refuses and goes on vacation. Myra tells Tom she doesn't want to go camping; but Robert gets his radio license and goes with his father.

Tom and Robert camp, and Ranger Mike Morgan (John Ridgely) warns them about fires. Robert shows three girls how he uses his radio; but Chuck (Jackie Morrow) has Bunny there, and she hears them. Ramon is arrested for stealing, and Evelyn cries. Jim Blake (Nat Carr) tells Myra to get Tom to handle the story. Tom and Robert see smoke and report the fire. Ranger Morgan tells Tom to help, and Robert uses his radio. Myra has Jim get Hatfield to stop the divorce story by giving him the fire story she gets from Chuck's radio. Robert calls for volunteers to save the CCC camp and a town. Tom and Robert run from the fire. The paper reports Tom and Robert as heroes, but they lost their car, radio, and camera in the fire. Jim calls that Tom may be fired. The family argues, but Myra proves that a hobby is an investment. Uncle Bert sold her rare stamps, and they bought a new car. Tom and Robert get rewards; but Uncle Bert refuses to take a job, because only 10% of those who work like their jobs.

This short comedy reflects the hobbies people find as leisure time and diverse technologies increase. The trivialization of the culture is also indicated by the public's desire for sensationalist news coverage. Tom and Robert heroically sacrifice their hobbies for a more important emergency.

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