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Calling Dr. Kildare

(1939 b 86')

En: 6 Ed: 6

Dr. Gillespie puts Kildare in a street clinic, and he gets in trouble treating a bullet wound without reporting it.

Dr. James Kildare (Lew Ayres) skips going home to experiment with Q fever, but Dr. Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore) shows him that his guinea pig is still alive. Gillespie takes the leg brace off and asks Tommy (Bobs Watson) to walk. Gillespie tells Kildare that guinea pigs don't have human worries. Gillespie has cancer and asks Molly Byrd for a nurse with loose ethics. He assigns Mary Lamont (Laraine Day) to watch Kildare for him. Mary helps Kildare treat patients in a clinic. Red takes Kildare to Nick (George Offerman), who has a bullet wound. Rosalie (Lana Turner) won't let her brother Nick go to the hospital and asks Kildare not to report it. Kildare tests her blood but can use his own to give Nick a transfusion. Rosalie drives Kildare to Central Park. News reports a murder. Kildare believes that Nick is innocent and kisses Rosalie. Mary asks Kildare why he isn't angry at Gillespie for dismissing him. Mary finds the bullet and reports to Gillespie with few details. At the bar Mary gives Kildare the bullet. Kildare hears that Nick is wanted for murder. Gillespie praises Kildare but says he didn't report his call. Kildare suspects that Mary is Gillespie's stooge. Mary tells Gillespie about the bullet, and he reads the news story. Rosalie takes Kildare to an apartment for rent, and they dance. Gillespie tells Kildare about the law and asks where Nick is, but Kildare won't say.

Gillespie gets Dr. Stephen Kildare (Samuel S. Hinds) to summon his son home, and James helps him diagnose a case of fever. Kildare's mother (Emma Dunn) asks James what the trouble is. He says he wants to marry Rosalie. Kildare goes back to care for Nick but is arrested with him. Kildare is suspended; but in the hospital Nick tells him about Tom Crandell (Reed Hadley). Kildare goes to Crandell, who gives him $200. Kildare accuses Crandell of the murder and shooting Nick. Joe Wayman (Nat Pendleton) comes in and roughs up Crandell. Gillespie has Tommy walk to get roller-skates. Molly tells Gillespie that Kildare caught the murderer. Mary tells Gillespie that Kildare is in love. Gillespie calls on Rosalie, who gets a call from Kildare. Rosalie learns that it was Crandell and cries. When Kildare arrives, Gillespie has her tell Kildare about Crandell. Kildare realizes that Rosalie does not love him and leaves. Joe and Gillespie wait for Kildare, who plans to go home. Gillespie tells him he sent Joe to have police follow Rosalie. Kildare explains Crandell's motive, and Gillespie rehires Kildare. Gillespie tells of invisible wounds and says people have the right to health. Then he sends Kildare to Mary.

Kildare is torn between his instinct to protect a patient and the criminal law, risking his career while his mentor Gillespie guides the young intern.

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