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Blondie Meets the Boss

(1939 b 72')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Dagwood resigns and is replaced by Blondie, and on a fishing trip he becomes involved with a singer, causing Blondie to get jealous.

Blondie Bumstead (Penny Singleton) and Dagwood Bumstead (Arthur Lake) are going on vacation, but J. C. Dithers (Jonathan Hale) cancels it. So Dagwood resigns. Employees gives Dagwood a suitcase. Dagwood rehearses telling Blondie that he resigned. Blondie puts an apron on Dagwood and goes to Dithers. Neighbor Marvin Williams (Don Beddoe) asks Dagwood to go fishing. Blondie apologizes to Dithers, who hires her. Freddie (Joel Dean) and Blondie's sister Dot (Dorothy Moore) arrive and laugh at Dagwood. Dithers tells Blondie to find airport property secretly, and he calls Dagwood that Blondie got his job. Dagwood goes fishing with Marvin, and they meet two singers. Francine (Dorothy Comingore) stays with Dagwood. Blondie finds Dot and Freddie at home dancing. Marvin encourages shy Dagwood, who then kisses Francine. The milkman delivers Dagwood home at 4 a.m. Blondie confesses that she suspected Dagwood going with Marvin to find a girl.

Blondie finds Francine's camera. Dagwood gathers more than the laundry. Blondie rushes out and knocks down the mailman. She takes the film to be developed. Dithers instructs Blondie by phone from Washington. Blondie calls Dagwood to prepare dinner. She gets the photo of Dagwood holding Francine. Blondie sends police after Dagwood. Freddie and Dot take Baby Dumpling (Larry Simms) to the dance contest. Blondie gets a telegram from Dithers to close the deal. Dagwood goes to get Baby Dumpling and sees Francine. Freddie quarrels with Dot and walks out. Blondie arrives looking for Henry Philpot. She finds Dagwood in Francine's dressing-room and knocks him on the head. Philpot finds the telegram. Dot dances swing with stumbling Dagwood. Blondie explains to Baby Dumpling why they are leaving, but Baby Dumpling explains the photo. Dagwood returns with Dot and finds Ollie Shaw (Stanley Brown) waiting for Blondie. Dagwood admits he kissed Francine. Freddie comes in and hits Shaw. Neither Blondie nor Dagwood will leave first, and they make up. They go to buy the property but can't. Dithers returns and is glad they couldn't, saying they can go on vacation.

Bumbling Dagwood makes absurd errors in normal suburban life, and his harmless flirtation triggers explosive jealousy in Blondie, allowing middle-class audiences to see their daily activities botched up for laughs. Yet there is a stable security in their life-style that not even their goof-ups can sabotage, giving the spectators comfort and amusement too.

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