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Blondie Brings Up Baby

(1939 b 67')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Baby Dumpling goes to school, and their dog Daisy is lost as Dagwood loses his job in this farce based on the comic strip.

Dagwood Bumstead (Arthur Lake) wipes his hands on his shirt. Alvin Fuddle (Danny Mummert) calls Baby Dumpling Bumstead (Larry Simms) a dumb-bell. At work Dagwood is buzzed and throws water on his boss J. C. Dithers (Jonathan Hale). Dagwood tells Dithers of changes on the Cartwright building with more profit. A salesman gives Alvin and Baby Dumpling an intelligence test and declares the latter a genius for building a house. Dagwood tells Cartwright (Robert Middlemass) of the extras but goes home when Blondie Bumstead (Penny Singleton) calls. Dagwood rips up the encyclopedias that Blondie bought. Blondie and Dagwood enroll Baby Dumpling in school. Blondie cries because Baby Dumpling got a black eye. Baby Dumpling walks to school without his mother and leaves the dog Daisy. Dagwood learns that Cartwright rejected his changes and demands a refund. Dithers fires Dagwood and walks into a shower. Pound officers chase Daisy and capture her. Dagwood drops his building model over the fence on Blondie. Baby Dumpling tells Blondie that Daisy is lost. Baby Dumpling asks Mrs. Fuddle about Daisy. Blondie and Dagwood can't find Daisy.

Baby Dumpling prays for Daisy. Blondie has regrets and hopes Dagwood won't lose his job. Blondie persuades Baby Dumpling to eat and go to school. Miss White gets Daisy for Melinda Mason (Peggy Ann Garner). On the street Dagwood sees Cartwright and socks him. Blondie learns that Baby Dumpling is not at school and tries to reach Dagwood. Cartwright tells Dithers and Blondie that Dagwood is in jail. Dithers pays Dagwood's $10 fine and socks Cartwright. Blondie and Dagwood go to Missing Persons. Baby Dumpling finds Daisy and lets Melinda play with her as he pushes her wheelchair. Mr. Mason (Roy Gordon) looks for Melinda and meets the Bumsteads at Missing Persons. Dagwood climbs over the wall, and the gardener knocks him out with a shovel. Police arrive with guns and tear gas, waking Dagwood. Blondie sees Dagwood arrested, but they hear Daisy and find Baby Dumpling with Melinda on a swing. Mr. Mason sees Melinda walk. Miss White tells Mason that other children are good for Melinda, and he wants a place where children can play with a dog kennel. Dagwood shows Mason his design and gets his job back with a bonus. Alvin says that Dagwood is still a dumb-bell, and Dagwood explodes a tear-gas bomb.

Dagwood's bumbling causes lots of trouble, but a fairy-tale ending makes everyone happy in this story of a child starting school, losing his dog, and finding a new friend.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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