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Bad Little Angel

(1939 b 73')

En: 5 Ed: 6

Based on a book by Margaret Turnbull, an orphan is guided by the Bible and tries to help people in trouble.

Invalid Mrs. Perkins (Elizabeth Patterson) reads the Bible to orphan Patsy Sanderson (Virginia Wiedler). The orphanage manager asks Mrs. Perkins to pay for Patsy; but she tells him to wait and refuses to give her up. Mrs. Perkins has a heart attack and dies. Patsy goes back to the orphanage, is called a jinx, and has to give up her dog. That night Patsy prays and opens the Bible for advice. Patsy runs away to go to Egypt. She takes a train to Egypt, New Jersey. Tommy Wilks (Gene Reynolds) carries her bag for a nickel and warns her the police are looking for her. Tommy takes Patsy to newspaper editor Jim Creighton (Ian Hunter), who is arguing to stand up against paint-factory owner Lewis Marvin. Jim offers to take Patsy home and goes to get Tommy's father Red Wilks (Henry Hull) from the saloon. Luther Marvin (Guy Kibbee) comes in and argues with Tommy and Patsy. Jim brings back Red drunk.

Ellen Creighton (Lois Wilson) already has three children and complains, but Jim says that Patsy is from God. Patsy prays before dinner. Jim says he will take her back to the orphanage but gets Ellen to change her mind. A major tells Jim he is fired for criticizing Luther Marvin. Patsy pleads with the major and goes to Marvin to explain. Patsy asks Marvin to forgive Jim, and his valet Edwards (Reginald Owen) is sympathetic. Patsy tells Jim that she is a jinx, but she is guided to fight with faith. Tommy quarrels with his father, because he spent the rent. Tommy argues with Patsy too, but later he says he wants to be friends. Tommy needs a place to stay, and Patsy suggests the store-room. Red comes in, but Tommy won't stay. Patsy says that Red has a kind heart, and Ellen welcomes them. Tommy works chopping wood, and Patsy helps as they talk. Tommy asks his father about marriage and family.

Tommy gives Patsy flowers. She says they need food, and Tommy says that Marvin is the problem. Patsy goes to him, and Edwards lets her in. She tells Marvin that Jim needs a job, not charity food. She asks to consult his Bible and warns Marvin that he is mean. His paint factory explodes and burns. Jim tries to keep the turpentine from exploding but is trapped. Patsy finds him; Tommy and Red save Jim. A doctor tells Marvin that Jim is not responding. Patsy tells Tommy that she has to leave because of her jinx. Tommy doubts God. Edwards offers Red brandy, but he declines. Patsy gives her dog to Bobby Creighton. Marvin tells Patsy that she helps people in trouble with her faith. People have changed. She prays and says that Jim will live.

This movie gem sparkles with Light as a little girl faces adversity with extraordinary faith, moving others to help and improve themselves.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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