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Three Loves Has Nancy

(1938 b 70')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A sincere girl from a small town cooks for two New Yorkers and finds her way into their hearts even though she is engaged to someone else.

Malcolm Niles (Robert Montgomery) instructs his butler William (Reginald Owen) for a romantic dinner; but Vivian Herford (Claire Dodd) arrives with her mother (Cora Witherspoon), who assumes they are engaged. Malcolm tells his publisher and neighbor Robert Hanson (Franchot Tone) that he is leaving town.

Author Malcolm speaks and signs books. Nancy Briggs (Janet Gaynor) is not impressed but invites him to her wedding. She gets a letter that George is not coming, but her grandpa (Charley Grapewin) gives her money to go to New York to find George. Nancy bumps into Malcolm in the train dining car. Her misplacing her purse causes him to pay and miss the train. Nancy learns that George stole four suits and left.

Robert wired Malcolm that Vivian was on tour, but she returned to see Malcolm, who is disappointed. Malcolm finds Nancy there and uses her to discourage Vivian by inviting her to stay. Robert is drunk, and Vivian sobers him up with a slap and water. Nancy cooks breakfast and tells Malcolm that William quit. Malcolm refuses to eat, but Robert enjoys it. Nancy put an ad for George and invites men in to eat. Robert hires her as a cook. Malcolm gets William back, and Nancy gives him ideas for a story. Robert calls Nancy he is coming home for dinner; but Malcolm tells Robert he is taking Nancy out. Nancy prays before eating, and Malcolm dances with her. Malcolm warns her about smiling at strangers, and she dowses a flaming dessert. Robert sleep-walks into Nancy's room; but Malcolm pours water on him. Robert and Malcolm argue over Nancy, and Malcolm makes Robert sleep with him.

Robert apologizes to Nancy for drinking. Robert tells Malcolm he is going to marry Nancy. Malcolm's thoughts are heard that he won't allow it. Malcolm asks Robert to go to Dr. Stewart (Lester Matthews) for psychoanalysis, or he will search for George. On a couch Robert talks with Malcolm there. Dr. Stewart says that Robert is okay, but Malcolm is not because he loves Nancy. Malcolm calls him a quack and leaves. Malcolm talks to himself and tells Nancy not to marry Robert. Nancy tells Malcolm of her good qualities and stalks into her room to cry. Robert asks her to marry and tells Malcolm to get out. Malcolm calls Robert's parents he is going to marry a hillbilly. Robert brings Nancy's family and finds his parents there. The families argue. Nancy comes in and tells Robert she would be proud to marry him; but she can't because she doesn't love him. George (Grady Sutton) comes in and fights Robert as Malcolm tells Nancy he loves her. On the honeymoon Malcolm misses the boat looking for Nancy's bag.

This comedy contrasts the authenticity of Nancy and her values to the cool sophistication of New York; but love bridges the differences.

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