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Tarnished Angel

(1938 b 67')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A chorus girl turns her con ability to revival meetings and plans to steal but is given an opportunity to help a children's hospital.

Violet McMaster (Ann Miller) sings "It's the Doctor's Orders." Carol Vinson (Sally Eilers) gambles for Reggie Roland (Cecil Kellaway) and loses. Tipsy Paul Montgomery (Lee Bowman) brings Carol flowers and complains she did not wed him, but she says she got money from his father and advises him to stop drinking and get a job. Violet warns Carol the police and Lt. Cramer (Jonathan Hale) are raiding. Dan Bennett (Vinton Haworth) sells stolen goods to Checkers for $12,000. Carol leaves with Reggie Roland while Eddie Fox (Paul Guilfoyle) stages a fight. Cramer chases Carol, finds commissioner Roland, and is demoted by the chief. Carol loses her job because of Cramer and can't get another. She predicts Dan will go to jail. Violet tap dances and is hired until Cramer shows up.

Carol, Eddie, and Violet attend a revival meeting for free coffee. Violet dyes Carol's hair blonde, and Eddie buys a car. Carol preaches as Sister Connie, but they collect only $29. In a meeting Connie inspires a cripple to walk, and afterward they pay him off for faking. Paul and Cramer read that Connie is Carol. She sees Cramer in the audience and confesses her past sins. She offers 80% of the proceeds to charity, the children's hospital of Mrs. Stockton (Alma Kruger), who invites them to her home. Carol tells Paul and Cramer to leave. Paul tells Carol he loves her. Carol quits and calls Dan, who says Mrs. Stockton has a necklace worth $100,000.

Mrs. Stockton invites Connie, Violet, and Eddie to stay with her and shows them the hospital. Mrs. Stockton asks Connie to take over the hospital after her and shows her necklace. Carol tells Dan, who gives her a camera so he can have the necklace copied. Carol sees that Paul has a job, and they share his lunch. Paul says he has changed because of Carol. Eddie takes pictures of the necklace, and Dan gets it copied. Dan tells Carol he is sending a fake cripple for her last show. Dan learns the fake couldn't come and tells Eddie; but Connie helps a real cripple walk. Dan tells Carol, who is in awe by what she did. Eddie has doubts, but Dan makes him exchange the necklaces. Connie is asked to help a child but fails. Carol says she is a fake and is stealing the necklace. Dan comes in with a gun but is arrested by Cramer, who lets Carol go. Eddie says Dan has the phony necklace. Carol embraces Paul.

A woman uses religion and deception to make money but finds her course turned to real charity by a persistent cop, a philanthropist, and an actual religious experience. Her good side also helps her fiance to reform his life to make himself worthy of her. This transformation of the cynical invites the audience to experience the same vicariously.

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