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(1938 b 90')

En: 6 Ed: 6

An outlawed veterinarian operates on a horse and adopts her young owner in this heart-warming story of two men and a horse that love each other.

Mickey (Mickey Rooney) rides a horse, and Tom Terry (Wallace Beery) offers Gale (Arthur Hohl) a drug so the horse will win. Tom joins Mickey in the stable for the night. Lady Q loses, and owner Gale is going to kill her but gives her to pleading Mickey. Tom won $20 and gets drunk. He says the horse is sick, and Mickey realizes that Tom is a veterinarian. Mickey pleads with Tom to operate and helps him do so. Tom hides because he could go to jail. Tom takes a drink and finishes the operation before passing out.

Tom pawns his instruments, and they take the horse for treatment. Mickey rides her on the beach. Tom says he is leaving, but Mickey wants to be partners and become a vet. Mickey calls Tom "Pop" and suggests they make it legal. They informally adopt each other. Their car is washed away, and they walk. In rain they find a barn, and Tom puts hay on the horse and Mickey to keep them warm. Tom finds two eggs, and Beulah Flanders (Margaret Hamilton) comes in with a shotgun. Mickey says they can work, and they plow. Tom says they need $75 to enter Lady Q in a stakes race and that they can make it working there. Beulah says she had five husbands.

In a month they earn $62.40. Tom sends Mickey to get an entry blank. Beulah tells Tom he will sing and offers him a suit of clothes. Mickey tells Barney Donovan (Minor Watson) he has a horse. Barney says that Tom caused the death of a horse and a jockey for gamblers. Barney learns that Tom operated on Mickey's horse. Tom sings with the group in the house. While Beulah gets ice cream, he takes up a collection. After the others leave, Beulah asks Tom to stay as her husband, saying they will wed tomorrow. Tom tells Mickey they are leaving; but Mickey wants to keep Tom away from Burlington. Mickey cancels the adoption, and they quarrel until he hits Tom.

At the track Mickey tries to borrow money and challenges another horse. Mickey asks Mrs. Shepherd (Marjorie Gateson) to enter his horse, and she agrees. Mickey sees that Lady Q has a sore foot. Crying he tells Mrs. Shepherd; but Tom arrives to fix it. Mickey warns Tom about Barney; Tom is relieved that is why Mickey left. In the race Mickey sees Tom still there and starts badly. Barney finds Tom watching the race. Lady Q comes from behind and wins. Mrs. Shepherd gives Mickey the money for vet school. Mickey sees Barney and is upset. Tom tells Mickey that he has to take his punishment, and Mickey kisses him with an affectionate hug.

This heart-opener portrays an alcoholic, who is reformed by the love of a young man as they cooperate to heal a thoroughbred and work together.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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