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Spring Madness

(1938 b 68')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Adapted from a play by Philip Barry, two students plan to go to Russia; but one is in love with a woman who wants to attend the spring dance.

Harvard seniors Sam Thatcher (Lew Ayres) and Lippencott (Burgess Meredith) plan to go to Russia. Sam spent Easter vacation with Alexandra Benson (Maureen O'Sullivan) and says good-bye to her as he boards a train for Boston. Sally (Joyce Compton) finds a car full of men. Alex tells her friends about Sam and that he may not come to the dance. Frances (Ann Morriss) says that Sam is going to Russia with Lippencott; but Alex does not know. Sam writes Alex he is coming to the dance; but Sam and Lippencott learn the boat is leaving two weeks earlier. Lippencott makes Sam wire Alex he can't come.

Lippencott waits for Sam to come to Alex. Sam drives into a taxi and meets Sally. Sam calls on Alex, who is warned about men by Kate McKim (Ruth Hussey). Lippencott advises Sam about women. Sam tells Alex he is leaving tomorrow and quit college to spend two years in Russia. She tries to be cheerful, and he says falling in love is a mistake. Alex says she is promised a job so they would have money; but she says good-bye to Sam. Kate tells her to forget it, and Alex cries. Mady Platt (Julie Bishop) gets her father to offer Sam a job. Sally seduces the police chief into doing a favor. Kate tells teacher Walter Beckett (Truman Bradley) they are using his name to make Sam jealous. Sally tells Sam that Beckett loves Alex. Sam gets a telegram offering him a job on a newspaper. Lippencott argues with Kate over their tactics. Sam angrily shows Alex his job offer, and she tells him to go.

Police arrest Sam and Lippencott; but they are let out to go to the dance. Alex refuses to go to the dance. Buck (Sterling Holloway) and Doc dismantle Sam's car. Sam waits for Alex and meets the man who offered him the job. Alex tells off Sam, and Beckett comes for Alex. Sam finds his car reduced with Lippencott in the back. At the dance Sam finds Alex and takes her from Beckett. Sam tells Alex he couldn't leave her and kisses her.

Several women use their clever tricks to keep Sam around so that Alex can land him. This comedy implies that the far-flung plan of a college student to visit Communist Russia has little chance when women conspire to restrain him with the lures of marriage and a good job.

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