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Secrets of an Actress

(1938 b 70')

En: 5 Ed: 5

An actress gets her play produced by two architects and has to decide which one to marry.

Actress Fay Carter (Kay Francis) refuses to take a part in a touring show. She reads for a part and is liked; but the producer wants a big name. When she does not get it, her roommate Marian Plantagenet (Isabel Jeans) suggests they drink. Marian gets drunk, hits Peter Snowden (Ian Hunter), and passes out. Peter helps Fay take Marian home. Architect Peter admired Fay's father and takes her play to read it. Peter's partner Dick Orr (George Brent) worked all night. Dick's wife Carla Orr (Gloria Dickson) calls and needs money or she'll have to move back with him. Peter calls Fay that he will produce her play. Peter and Dick meet Fay and Marian for lunch. Dick argues that a show is not a good investment, but Peter does it anyway. Fay discusses the set with Dick. Carla tells Dick that she wants a part in the play, and Dick asks for a divorce. Carla attends the opening of the play starring Fay. Marian and Fay are nervous; but the audience likes the play. Peter and Fay dance at the party. Dick arrives and dances with Fay, praising her. Dick kisses Fay.

At work secretaries of Peter and Dick both send flowers to Fay. Peter tells Dick that he is quitting architecture and puts him in charge. Marian reads Fay's good reviews. Dick calls Fay to meet at four. Fay agrees to have lunch with Peter. Dick calls on Carla and offers her money for a divorce, but she says no. Fay tells Peter that she wants to buy him out. Peter mentions Dick's wife. Fay tells Peter that she is not in love with him, but she loves him and agrees to marry him. Marian condemns Dick for his secret. Dick comes in and tells Fay that he asked for a divorce. Fay says that she is marrying Peter. At Peter's engagement party Fay sees Carla with Dick. Carla tells Peter that Dick is mad about Fay. Dick tells Fay that he is going away for a year. In the car Peter kisses Fay. At work Dick tells Peter that he is going on vacation that night. Dick and Fay wait for Peter. Peter is meeting with Carla and tells her he is kicking Dick out, advising her to divorce him. Dick says good-bye to Fay and leaves. Peter comes in and tells Fay that Carla has agreed to go to Reno. Peter and Fay go to the boat to catch Dick. In the final scene Dick gets off the boat and embraces Fay.

In this romantic drama three people come to realize the difference between friendship and being in love with someone.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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