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Renegade Ranger

(1938 b 59')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A Texas Ranger is assigned to bring in a woman for murder but discovers that a corrupt tax collector has framed her.

Texas Ranger Jack Steele (George O'Brien) breaks up a fight by fighting and reprimands Larry Corwin (Tim Holt). Major Jameson asks Jack to bring in Judith Alvarez (Rita Hayworth) for the murder of Sam Dunning and dismisses Larry, who blames Jack. A reward of $2,000 is offered for Judith by Ben Sanderson (William Royle). Carson complains to Ben Sanderson about his tax collecting to take land. Judith and her men hold up Sanderson for money in his safe. During a gun battle Jack rescues Judith but is wounded. She takes him to her home. Jack asks Judith for a job. Larry tells Jack that Judith is innocent and warns he will expose him. At a fiesta Tonia Capillo (Cecilia Callejo) sings and dances with Larry. Judith learns the reward is increased. Jack offers to scout, and Judith decides to go with him. Larry tries to stop Jack from taking Judith, but Jack ties him up. Larry breaks a window and is freed, telling Juan Capillo (Lucio Villegas) that Jack is a ranger. Juan doesn't want Judith to know. Jack is charged by Juan and his men. They plan an accident for Jack and leave Larry in camp.

When they are ambushed by Sanderson's men, Jack rescues Judith; but they are captured. Jack says that she is his prisoner, and they take her to town. Jack tells Sanderson that Judith will be tried by the state and not in a crooked county. Judith is put in jail and argues with Jack. Sanderson accuses Judith of holding up a stage; but Jack tells the sheriff that Sanderson lied. Sanderson's men dress like Juan's and with Hank (Jim Mason), who betrayed her, they take her from jail. Hank is shot and informs Jack. Larry and Juan come in for Judith. Jack explains and joins them to go after Sanderson. Monte (Monte Montague) tells Sanderson that he won't kill Judith, but Sanderson insists. Jack hears that Sanderson ordered Monte to kill Sam Dunning. Jack arrests Sanderson, but a gun battle starts. Juan and his men arrive to stop it, and Jack overcomes Sanderson. In the final scene Judith and her men are pardoned by the Governor, and their land is returned. Major Jameson reinstates Larry, and Jack kisses Judith.

Until he is caught, the crimes of a corrupt county tax collector cause a local revolt by those who lost their land. Justice is reflected in this unusual western when the Mexicans get their land back from the greedy Texans.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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