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Radio City Revels

(1938 b 90')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A broke songwriter gets songs from his student's sleep-singing while his neighbors fall in love with the student and a radio singer.

Kenny Baker (himself) sings "I'm Taking a Shine to You." Billie Shaw (Ann Miller) hears and tap dances but is blamed for ruining the broadcast. She visits songwriter Harry Miller (Jack Oakie) and Teddy Jordan (Milton Berle), who owe rent. Billie's sister Gertie Shaw (Helen Broderick) and Harry insult each other. In Arkansas Lester Robin (Bob Burns) tries to write songs. He sings, and people dance. Lester composes songs in his dreams, and he comes to New York for lessons from Harry. Lester says Billie is as beautiful as a seed-catalog tomato. Lester lost his wallet but says he has $60 sewn in his coat. Teddy tries to get it. Kenny calls on Billie to give her the pawn ticket he found for her ring. Billie gets Harry to meet producer Paul Plummer (Victor Moore), who wants a song about pickles. Harry lets Lester sleep on the couch. Harry and Teddy hear Lester composing a song in his sleep and sing it for Plummer. "Take a Tip from a Tulip" is a success.

Lester starts to leave, but Harry and Teddy stop him. Harry gives Billie a diamond ring and proposes; but she likes Kenny. Yet Billie tells Kenny she can't marry him because Gertie needs a partner. Kenny sings "Goodnight, Angel" to Billie, and they kiss. Gertie shows Lester how to propose. Lester falls asleep in her lap and sings. Gertie tells Harry that Lester is going to marry her. Harry takes the ring back from Billie and gives it to Gertie. Teddy tells Lester that Billie is engaged to Kenny. Harry gives Lester sleeping pills; but Lester can't sleep. Harry and Teddy try to get Lester to sleep by giving him milk and bringing in farm animals. Lester gets knocked out and sings, but they don't get it down. Gertie comes in with Plummer and accuses Harry of stealing Lester's songs. Billie calls and tells Lester that she is not getting married.

Lester sleeps as Harry and Teddy write down his song. Radio City performs "New Moon," and Kenny sings to Billie. Kenny and Billie tell Harry that Gertie has to marry Lester so that they can wed. In Plummer's office Gertie tries to get Lester to sleep while outside Teddy makes noise. Plummer pays Harry, but Teddy says that Lester wrote the songs. Lester gives half the check to Harry. For Radio City Jane Froman (herself) sings "Speak Your Heart," and Billie tap dances. In the final scene Harry gives half the check to Gertie to go with Lester's half.

This musical comedy satirizes the contrast between a country hick and desperate New Yorkers lacking rent.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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