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Out West With the Hardys

(1938 b 84')

En: 6 Ed: 6

The Hardys find challenges and personal problems to solve on the ranch of the Judge's old flame and her husband.

Aunt Milly Forrest (Sara Haden) gives Judge James Hardy (Lewis Stone) a letter from an old flame asking for help. Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) goes swimming with Polly (Ann Rutherford), who says he is conceited since he lettered in basketball. Mrs. Emily Hardy (Fay Holden) is doing spring cleaning and gets upset. James says they are going to a ranch. Bill Northcote (Ralph Morgan) and his wife Dora (Nana Bryant) welcome them. Dora asks James to help them keep their ranch. H. R. Bruxton (Thurston Hall) controls water and is trying to buy it. Foreman Ray Holt (Gordon Jones) shows Marian Hardy (Cecilia Parker) around and leaves Andy with his daughter Jake (Virginia Weidler), who wins a bet that Andy can't ride a horse. Ray tells Marian his wife died.

Judge Hardy tells Bruxton he must supply water; but Bruxton demands a high price for a new contract. James warns Andy that he is insufferable lately but removes all rules. Andy borrows a gun from Ray, and Jake wins a dollar shooting. Ray kisses Marian, wants to marry her, and asks Judge Hardy, who suggests Marian cook Ray's breakfast. Jake gets jealous. Andy sends a tricked photo to Polly. James tells Emily he wants to buy Indian land that Bruxton uses for his cattle. Jake advises Marian to boil Ray's boots, and Ray complains. Marian tells James she regrets writing to Dennis she was going to marry Ray. Andy rides Jake's horse, which gets a broken leg. Jake cries, and Andy tells his father he is a fool but borrows $50. Emily tells James she knows about the scandal but didn't believe it. James tells Emily that Andy is gone. At night Jake finds Andy and brings him back. Andy got a doctor to treat the horse's leg. James tells Emily they may lose all on the land. When Jake tells Andy she hopes they will get hitched, he runs off.

At home Marian sees Dennis. Emily's Indian blanket shows James that the stream was diverted. He calls Bill not to sell his ranch. With water Bill will buy the land from James. Andy tells his father that he was jilted by Polly; but the Judge tells Andy to go to the party and apologize. Andy wears his cowboy costume and makes up with Polly, who kisses him.

The cocky Andy learns humility in this episode while Marian once again finds she is not ready for an older man. The Judge finds a solution to the problem of water rights while his loyal wife as usual is ready to risk all for her husband's plans. With no violence this small-town family entertains with dramatic but realistic problems.

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