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Men Are Such Fools

(1938 b 69')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A woman in advertising marries a salesman; but frustrated by his lack of success, she leaves him and goes back to work.

Nancy (Penny Singleton) says goodnight to Tad (Johnnie Davis) at the door, but her room-mate Linda Lawrence (Priscilla Lane) wants to succeed in advertising. Linda is pursued by Jimmy Hall (Wayne Morris) but goes to dinner with her boss Harvey Bates (Hugh Herbert). Jimmy comes in, but Linda gets angry at him. Harvey leaves Linda dancing with Jimmy. At 5 a.m. Linda tells Nancy that she loves Jimmy. Harvey sends Linda to George Onslow (Donald Briggs). Cynical Beatrice Harris (Mona Barrie) approves of Linda's ad copy and invites her for the weekend. Jimmy drives recklessly and asks Linda to marry as they are almost hit by a train. Bea and George see Linda and Jimmy frolic in the pool. Harry Galleon (Humphrey Bogart) meets Linda and invites her to watch a broadcast. Wanda Townsend (Marcia Ralston) was engaged to Harry and talks with Jimmy. Jealous Jimmy dunks Linda, who decides to marry him.

After three months of marriage Linda works with Harry and puts off Jimmy, who drinks with his friends Tad and Nancy. Harry kisses Linda and says he wants her. Jimmy finds Harry telling Linda to leave him, and Jimmy slugs Harry. Jimmy demands that Linda quit her job, and she does. Bea calls, but Linda says she is not going back. Linda picks up Jimmy and Bill Dalton (Gene Lockhart) at the station. Jimmy invites Bill to dinner, but Linda arranges for Jimmy to talk with Mr. Nelson (Eric Stanley), who Jimmy says offered him a job; but Jimmy tells Linda he said no, because it is too risky for a married man. Linda packs to leave, because Jimmy is complacent. After Linda leaves, Jimmy succeeds with Nelson. Linda works with Bea and goes out with Harry, who asks her to marry. Bea and Harvey join them at their table. Linda and Bea see Jimmy with Wanda. Linda tells Jimmy that she is going to Paris. Bea sends Jimmy a telegram to listen to Linda on radio. Jimmy fights to see Linda and learns she is going to Paris with Harry. Jimmy demands she stay with him. Linda gets police to drive her fast, and Jimmy follows. On the boat Harry finds Wanda instead of Linda. On the dock Linda embraces Jimmy, sure now that he loves her.

This comedy explores conflicts that develop when an ambitious woman wants a successful career as well as marriage. Linda even separates from her husband so that he will work harder to succeed and so that she can work too.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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