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Love Is a Headache

(1938 b 73')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A Broadway star and a columnist vie with each other over her career and the adoption of two orphans in this madcap comedy.

After a flop show Carlotta Lee (Gladys George) argues with her press agent Jimmy Slattery (Ted Healy). Columnist Peter Lawrence (Franchot Tone) goes dancing with Carlotta and warns her not to take a part with Sam Ellinger. Millionaire Reginald Odell (Ralph Morgan) takes Carlotta home and gives her a car; but she declines it. Peter's column persuades Ellinger to reject Carlotta, who complains to Peter. Mike O'Toole (Mickey Rooney) jumps into the ocean to save Jake O'Toole (Virginia Wiedler), and they raise money from the crowd. Peter tells Mike that his father died and offers them a home. Mike tells his sister Jake. Joe Cannon (Frank Jenks) tries to explain reincarnation to Jimmy from a book. At a nightclub Peter broadcasts on radio about the orphans who need a home. Joe and Jimmy take Mike and Jake to Carlotta's apartment, and they mess up the bedroom trying to catch flies. Carlotta comes in, followed by reporters.

Carlotta can't sleep with Jake, who makes breakfast. Joe informs Peter that Carlotta adopted the kids. Carlotta buys clothes for them, and Mike insists on long pants. Peter accuses Carlotta of wanting publicity; but she shows she is sincere by promising no more publicity. Carlotta gets the part from Ellinger but has her picture taken with Mike and Jake getting into the car Odell gave her. Peter sees the news photo and calls Carlotta. She calls Odell, and he asks her to marry. They find Peter at the Juvenile Welfare office, and Odell writes a check for $10,000 and calls her his fiancé.

While Peter thinks, Joe picks up Mike and Jake. Carlotta calls the police, who question Peter. He says it was a publicity stunt, and papers report a hoax. Joe shows Peter the kids, and Peter sends them out the back as Carlotta, Odell and the police arrive. Peter consoles Carlotta but sees Jake's hat. Peter tries to hide it and asks Carlotta to marry. Carlotta finds the hat and goes to call the police. Joe brings in Mike and Jake. Peter calls the police and promises to bring them in but finds Joe got rid of them. Carlotta gets an order to turn over the kids and finds them in her apartment. Mike and Jake call Carlotta Mom, and she leaves with them. Peter goes to Jimmy to learn where they went. Peter registers at an inn with sheriff-judge Janet (Jessie Ralph) using the same false name as Carlotta. Peter tells Carlotta she must marry to adopt, and she insists he marry her. The sheriff with a pistol forces Peter to wed Carlotta, and in the final scene Mike and Jake leave them alone.

This nifty comedy plays on the sexual tension between two career people, who oddly are pulled together by two orphans not wanting to be separated.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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