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The Kid Comes Back

(1938 b 61')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A young Texan becomes a boxer and has to decide whether to fight his fiancé's brother for the title or not.

Newsboy Bobby Doyle (Dickie Jones) gets policeman Mike to let Rush Conway (Wayne Morris) into the fights. Veteran Gunnar Malone (Barton MacLane) knocks out Stan Wilson (Maxie Rosenbloom). On the street Wilson takes a paper and knocks down Bobby. Rush tells Wilson to pay, and they fight. Gunnar asks Rush to try boxing. Rush spars with Spike (Ward Bond) and sees Mary Malone (June Travis). Rush is knocked down but then knocks out Spike. Rush boxes for months and goes with Gunnar's sister Mary. After the champion retires, Gunnar lectures the commission, who says he will defend the title. Gunnar asks reporter Ken Rockwell (James Robbins) to build up Rush, who makes headlines in four wins. Rush tells Mary that he wants her on his ranch in Texas. Gunnar, Mary, and Rockwell listen on radio to Rush winning in California. Mary says that Rush won't fight Gunnar, because they are getting married.

Rush tells Mary and Bobby that he bought a ranch. Gunnar tells Rockwell he is afraid that Rush will lose to Wilson and that no one will come to his fight. Rockwell tells Gunnar his plan to incite Wilson against Rush. Irate Wilson finds Rush running in Central Park and hits him; but Rush knocks out Wilson. Rockwell tells the commission to have Rush fight Gunnar; but they say Rush can't fight his own manager. So Rockwell and Gunnar ask Wilson to let Gunnar fight Rush, and Gunnar sells Rush's contract to Wilson for $1. Bobby shows Rush the paper announcing that Wilson retired. Rush calls on Wilson and says he won't fight for him. Rush asks Gunnar why he sold his contract. Gunnar says he wants to fight Rush, who still won't fight him even though Gunnar slaps him. Mary goes with Rush to a restaurant, where Gunnar insults them so that Rush agrees to fight. Mary walks out. Rush tells Bobby he is going to Texas. Bobby says again, "Dames and fighting don't mix" and blames Mary. Bobby says that Mary will come back if Rush fights Gunnar.

Wilson won't let Mary see training Rush. In the title fight Rush knocks Gunnar down but then is knocked out. Bobby tells Rush that Mary had tried to see him. In the final scene Rush goes to Gunnar angry, but Mary asks him to forget it.

This boxing story shows how anger can cause fights outside the ring and how more powerful forces can make two friends fight in the ring in spite of their relationship.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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