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Girls On Probation

(1938 b 64')

En: 4 Ed: 5

A young woman gets caught in two crimes because of her friend and tries to straighten her life out on probation.

Connie Heath (Jane Bryan) warns Hilda Engstrom (Sheila Bromley) the boss Todd does not want her playing around with men, and Connie's father Roger Heath (Sig Ruman) tells her not to run around with Hilda. Hilda loans Connie a dress for a party, but Gloria (Susan Hayward) tells Neil Dillon (Ronald Reagan) it is her dress from the cleaners. The dress gets ripped, and Gloria notices it was repaired. Gloria complains to Todd, who fires Connie. Insurance attorney Neil tells Connie it was larceny, and he is told by the insurance company to prosecute Hilda.

Hilda tells her mother (Esther Dale) that Connie was arrested. At home Connie tells her mother Kate (Elisabeth Risdon) that Neil got her off. Kate says that Neil will give Connie a job, but Mrs. Engstrom tells Connie's father that Connie was arrested for stealing. He says that Connie lied and slaps her. Kate gives Connie money as she leaves on a bus. Connie works and mails Neil a payment. Connie sees Hilda on the street and asks her to clear her name; but Connie is in the car as Hilda flees in a bank robbery. Connie stops Hilda from shooting police, gets the gun, and makes Tony (Anthony Averill) stop the car. Connie and Hilda are put in jail.

In the trial Connie says what she did, but all three are convicted. Connie is using another name and does not want a probation investigation. Hilda blackmails her by threatening to tell her father, making her work for her. Connie fights back, and they are disciplined. Connie breaks down and informs her probation officer, who agrees to tell only her mother. The P. O. finds a newsboy, who witnessed the robbery and tells the judge (Henry O'Neill) what he saw. The judge puts Connie on probation, but Hilda complains to Connie that she got 1-5 years, and Tony got 10-15.

Connie goes to Neil, who is now Deputy District Attorney and offers her a job. Roger Heath tells Kate that Connie must obey in his house and asks Neil his intentions. Neil says he hopes to marry Connie, making Roger happy. Hilda visits Tony against her parole. Connie gets a diamond ring from Neil. Hilda comes in and asks Connie if she told Neil. Connie tells Neil she was convicted. Tony shoots a guard and escapes. Hilda cares for him and goes out to ask Connie for money. Hilda makes her pawn her ring, but Connie writes a note to call Neil, who calls the police. Hilda takes Connie home with her, but two men grab them. Tony shoots the door, wounding Hilda, and he is killed by police. In the final scene Connie and Neil see Hilda taken away in an ambulance.

This moral tale portrays how probation can keep a person in trouble out of prison but halfway to degradation while strongly warning against choosing criminal friends.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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