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The First Hundred Years

(1938 b 74')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A theatrical agent does not want to leave her job and separates from her husband; but they are drawn together again.

Theatrical agents Harry Borden (Warren William) and Lynn Conway (Virginia Bruce) calm down a client. Husband Dick Conway (Robert Montgomery) tells Lynn that he was promoted at the shipyard. Lynn has work and comes home at 10:35. Dick says he can support her now and wants to buy a house in New Bedford. Lynn says she has a five-year contract with Harry in New York. Dick asks her to get out of it, but she disagrees. They argue but make up. Harry's friend Claudia Weston (Binnie Barnes) is attracted to Dick. Lynn plays their new organ and sings with Dick, who says he is going to New Bedford. Lynn says she won't go with him. Claudia and others come over.

Harry sends Lynn to Hollywood for a week and gets her the lawyer Sam Walker (Alan Dinehart). Lynn calls Harry, who says the lawyers set a hearing. Judge Parker (Jonathan Hale) urges Lynn to go with her husband and orders that she must pay Dick $400 a month. Lynn argues with her lawyer Sam and refuses to talk with Dick. At the shipyard Sam asks Dick to sign a waiver, but he refuses. On a boat Dick tells his lawyer he misses Lynn.

At a nightclub Lynn and Harry see Dick with Claudia. Harry talks to Claudia, and Lynn dances with George Wallace (Lee Bowman). They join Dick and Claudia, and Harry leaves, telling George that Dick and Lynn are separated. The four go to George's apartment, where Lynn and Dick spar verbally. Lynn tells Harry that Uncle Dawson is coming for one night and writes Dick, asking him to pretend for one night. Sam hopes this can get them a new hearing and sends a detective. Dick goes to Lynn's apartment and finds a new butler. Uncle Dawson (Harry Davenport) says he is going around the world to disprove his heart doctor. He has Midge play the organ, and all sing. Lynn tells Dick she had a bed made up for him. In bed she is afraid of the thunder, and Dick comforts her, saying he needs her. Uncle Dawson catches the butler spying, and Dick, realizing he is Lynn's detective, tells him to get out.

At the boat Uncle Dawson tells Lynn he could stay to help, but she says good-bye. Lynn tries to find Dick and tells Harry she is going back to him. Sam comes in laughing with a medical report that Lynn is pregnant. They send Lynn to see Dick. She asks Dick to forgive her and says she will go to New Bedford with him. Dick says he doesn't care anymore, and Lynn leaves. Harry and Sam come in with toys for the child. Dick runs after Lynn, who is getting a parking ticket, and they are happily reunited.

This drama indicates that the married career woman has arrived but suggests that conflicts are still solved by the nature of woman bearing children.

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