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The Divorce of Lady X

(1938 c 91')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Based on a play by Gilbert Wakefield, a lawyer lets a woman share his hotel suite, thinks she is married, and tries to get her a divorce but is confused.

Because of London fog Everard Logan (Laurence Olivier) stays in a hotel. Several women can't get a room; but Logan refuses to give up his sitting room. Leslie Steele (Merle Oberon) enters his room and says he can have the couch. Logan sees her ring and assumes she is married. He criticizes women but lets her have his couch. Leslie suggests they move one of his beds, and he makes up the mattress on the floor for her. Leslie borrows his pajamas and gets in his bed. He sleeps on the floor. In the morning Leslie asks his valet for another breakfast and takes a bath. Logan offers to help her get a divorce and asks to meet again; but she is gone.

Leslie tells her grandfather Lord Steele (Morton Selten) that she is going to marry Logan though he thinks she is married. Lord Meer (Ralph Richardson) tells Logan that his wife spent the night with a man at a hotel, and Logan thinks it was Leslie. Meer says she was divorced three times. In court Logan criticizes women as Leslie watches. Meer brings his witness Saunders to Logan, who puts on glasses. Leslie returns Logan's pajamas, and he says her husband is there. She tells Logan they could get together. He admits he loves her and kisses her. Logan takes Meer's case. Logan finds Leslie and asks her to marry him when she is free. They dance, and he asks about her divorces. Lord Steele warns Leslie that divorces may be alluring. Meer tells Logan the man was the hotel manager and drops the case; but Logan says that Meer's wife is most clever. Drunk Lord Meer asks Lady Meer (Binnie Barnes) who the man was, and she says he can have a divorce. Lord Meer calls on Logan at 3 a.m. and says his wife loves the man in the hotel. Logan says he is the man and loves her. Lord Meer tells his wife and falls asleep.

Lady Meer and Leslie go to see Logan and meet; but they leave so that Leslie can explain. Leslie calls Logan and invites him to Lord Meer's place. Leslie goes hunting with Lord Meer, and Logan drives up. Lady Meer introduces Logan to Leslie Steele, but Logan says he doesn't know her and walks out. Leslie goes after Logan on a boat, and he asks her to marry. In the final scene in court Logan praises women and marriage.

A conceited lawyer with a low opinion of woman jumps to conclusions and is shown to be a fool. Thinking she has been divorced three times already does not bother him; but the experience makes him appreciate women and marriage.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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