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Crashing Hollywood

(1938 b 61')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Based on a play by Paul Dickey and Mann Page, a screenwriter gets help from an ex-con, but the movie draws in the people involved in the robbery.

Goldie Tibbets (Lee Patrick) greets husband Herman Tibbets (Paul Guilfoyle) as he gets out of prison and takes a car; but he wants to go straight. On a train they think that Michael Winslow (Lee Tracy) has stolen bonds and try to take them for a reward but learn he has only scripts. Michael asks them to help him on crime. Actress Barbara Lang (Joan Woodbury) is going to Hollywood and attracts Michael; but she avoids him.

Goldie, Herman, and Michael barge in on a studio executive and disrupt his secretary's office. Hugo Wells (Richard Lane) offers them $2,000 a week and a house with a pool so they can write. Tom Darcy arrives and will play the Hawk. Barbara can't get a job as an extra, but she pretends to have a chauffeur and puts off Michael, who can't write because of her. Goldie tells Herman to write. Barbara packs to leave but learns that Michael's picture is previewing. Wells wants the next script. Herman and Goldie let Barbara in. Michael sees Barbara and has Wells give her a job.

The Hawk (Bradley Page) learns the successful movie imitates him. Bank president Peyton (George Irving) says it is exactly true on the robbery and decides to find Michael. The Hawk is taken for the actor Darcy and waits to see Michael but gets scared and leaves. Michael tells Darcy how they can get around the censors. Banker Peyton tells Wells he wants to see Michael. Barbara asks Michael if he robbed the bank and walks out. Herman tells Michael he was involved, and there is a Hawk. Peyton says Michael is not the man. Darcy is almost arrested, but Michael says that the Hawk is coming to the studio to kill him.

Police grab Herman, and Goldie lets them for his safety. The Hawk pulls a gun on Wells and Michael, asking who tipped them off and learning it was Herman. Darcy leaves the set, and Goldie clubs him; but Barbara and Goldie see it is Darcy. The Hawk goes on the set, is jumped, fights, and is thrown through a window; but Darcy comes in and spoils the scene. Darcy quits. Police search for the Hawk. Barbara and Wells convince the Hawk's gunman Al (Tom Kennedy) he can act, and Michael takes his gun. The Hawk knocks out Darcy in his dressing-room and turns him in as the Hawk. Police release Herman, who identifies the Hawk and is shot by him. Michael goes after the Hawk, gets his gun, and fights him in the rafters. Michael falls on a bed, and the Hawk is captured. In the final scene Barbara visits Michael in the hospital, and they plan to marry.

This farce satirizes how Hollywood exploits sensational crimes by having the criminals come after them for exposing them.

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