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Cowboy from Brooklyn

(1938 b 77')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A singer is discovered in Wyoming and is publicized as a cowboy, but he has an animal phobia and runs from them.

Three musicians are thrown off a moving train. At Hardy's Dude Ranch Elly Jordan (Dick Powell) asks Jane Hardy (Priscilla Lane) for food but runs from a mule. Jane follows and falls from her horse. Elly helps her and says he is afraid of animals. Jane offers Elly a job. Sam Thorne (Dick Foran) plays practical jokes and looks for Jane. She sings "Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride" with Elly. At the campfire the Three Sharps sing. Elly runs from a bird, and Jane suggests he get a girl. In a car Roy Chadwick (Pat O'Brien) tells Pat Dunn (Ronald Reagan) not to mention show business. Jane stops Sam from singing so that Elly can sing "I'll Dream Tonight." Roy and Pat hear his voice but almost sign up Sam. Elly signs with them and leaves that night.

Elly is publicized as Wyoming Steve Gibson. He arrives in New York and sings "Way Out Where I Come From." Elly meets Roy's sister Maxine Chadwick (Ann Sheridan). On the radio Elly sings "Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride." Jane gets a postcard from Elly, and the Hardy ranch decides to go to the rodeo in New York. Elly welcomes his parents in his hotel-room. Roy tells Elly to enter the rodeo so that he'll get more from Hollywood. Elly tells Roy that he is not a cowboy but from Brooklyn. Jane tells Sam that they were just playmates. On the radio Sam's singing falls flat, and he says that Elly is a fake. Pat revives Roy. Elly runs from a cat into Jane and says she looks like a girl; but Jane sees Maxine's photo. Roy tells Mom and Pop Hardy to be Elly's parents for the reporters, but Sam says they are lying. The Hardys say Elly is their step-son, and Jeff Hardy (Johnnie Davis) confirms it after Jane signs to him; but Pat comes in with Elly's parents in western clothes.

Roy tries to persuade Hollywood executive Alvey (William B. Davidson) to give Elly the contract, and Alvey promises he will if Elly does well in the rodeo. Elly panics and is held down by Roy and Pat. Jane gets Professor Landis to hypnotize Elly, who becomes a riding cowboy. Roy is also hypnotized and shoots pistols. Elly and Roy ride horses to Madison Square Garden. Ellie bulldogs a calf, but a sneeze wakes him. Roy says that he is Wyoming Steve Gibson until Elly makes him sneeze. Roy and Elly sign the contract, and Elly is about to kiss Jane.

This musical comedy spoofs the publicity that makes cowboy singing stars by giving Elly a phobia that makes him seem cowardly. Jane teaches Elly western lingo but has trouble getting him to see her as an attractive woman. The story is silly but entertaining nonetheless.

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