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A Christmas Carol

(1938 b 70')

En: 6 Ed: 7

In this version of the Dickens' story Scrooge's heart is awakened when the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future show him his life.

In London on Christmas Eve Fred (Barry MacKay) sees that Tiny Tim Cratchit (Terry Kilburn) is lame and learns that he and his brother don't want to see his uncle Scrooge. Fred shares wine with Bob Cratchit (Gene Lockhart). Ebenezer Scrooge (Reginald Owen) says that Christmas is humbug; but Fred praises it and invites his uncle to dine with him. Scrooge is asked to help the poor but gives nothing. Scrooge grudgingly gives Bob Christmas day off. On the street Bob hits Scrooge with a snowball and is fired. Bob buys a goose for his family. Jacob Marley (Leo G. Carroll) died seven years ago, but Scrooge sees his spirit. Scrooge has men search for the intruder; but Marley disappears and appears again, warning Scrooge that he will have chains too. Marley says that humanity was his business and that he suffers because he did not help people. He tells Scrooge that spirits will come at one, two, and three.

A young woman as Christmas Past (Ann Rutherford) takes Scrooge flying to his old school. He sees himself staying to study and crying. Scrooge sees where he worked when his boss was kind to him. Christmas Past tells Scrooge to be kind to Bob, but Scrooge goes back to sleep. Christmas Present (Lionel Braham) is a cheerful man with a beard who spreads good cheer and stops quarrels. In a church Fred and Bess (Lynne Carver) sing, and Scrooge says they should be married. Bob carries Tiny Tim, and Christmas Present tells Scrooge that without money Tim will die soon. Martha Cratchit learns that her father was sacked. The Cratchit family dines on goose and plum pudding. Christmas Present takes Scrooge to see Fred and Bess talk about him. Watching their fun, Scrooge says that he loves Christmas.

In a cemetery Scrooge sees silent Christmas Future in a black robe. Scrooge sees his business associates who have no time to attend his funeral. Cratchit's family misses Tiny Tim. Scrooge says that he will change and wakes up. Scrooge sends a boy to buy a turkey and promises to give to a charity. Scrooge calls on Fred and whispers to Bess, helping them to marry. Scrooge takes presents to the Cratchit family and gives Bob a raise. Scrooge wishes all a merry Christmas.

This inspiring story is succinctly presented in a cheerful manner. Its powerful message to overcome greed and selfishness with the spirit of kindness and giving, most overtly expressed on the Christmas holiday, will never get out of date.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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