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Annabel Takes a Tour

(1938 b 67')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A movie star gets her flamboyant publicity man back for a tour and seeks romance with a viscount.

Annabel Allison (Lucille Ball) complains to Wonder Pictures producer Howard Webb (Bradley Page) about publicity. At a horse show she falls from a horse and presents a trophy to Lanny Morgan (Jack Oakie); but he gets his horse in the photo more than her. Annabel tells Webb she won't go on tour without Morgan, who is hired to plan the tour. Lanny has fans greet her at the train, and they almost persuade her to stay. Webb sends his secretary Josephine (Ruth Donnelly) along with Annabel. Lanny cuddles with Annabel, and she asks him to stay in the baggage car with her dog. He puts the dog off but finds him in his compartment.

At Annabel's movie premiere Webb speaks from Hollywood, and Lanny pulls his plug. Annabel falls through a trap door. Annabel tells Lanny that she wants a nobleman like Natalie has. Romance novelist Viscount Ronald River-Clyde (Ralph Forbes) is mobbed by female fans. Lanny calls the Viscount, who says he dislikes women. Annabel gets flowers with an invitation from the Viscount that Lanny sent. Annabel goes to the Viscount's room and says she is coming for dinner. Lanny publicizes their romance and treats the Viscount as a reporter, saying Annabel bathes in champagne. The Viscount calls Annabel, who complains to Lanny. Annabel runs to the Viscount to escape, and they go to a dime-a-dance place. Annabel starts a fight and is arrested, and Lanny reveals their names to the press. The Viscount's advisor tells him to cultivate Annabel in order to sell books.

Annabel tells Lanny and Josephine that she is quitting to be with the Viscount. Josephine calls Webb, who fires Lanny. Lanny tells pretty young Laura (Jean Rouverol) to go see the Viscount; but Annabel gets rid of her and suspects Lanny. Webb arrives and pleads with Annabel. Lanny instructs manicurist Marcella (Alice White) what to do. Lanny cries and asks Annabel to say good-bye to her fans. At the theater Lanny introduces Annabel and the Viscount. Annabel announces her retirement. Marcella rushes in with a boy and plays the Viscount's wife. Annabel blames Lanny; but the Viscount's real family comes on stage. Lanny runs out with Annabel, followed by the Viscount's family. They all get on a train. Lanny sees the Viscount and uncouples the cars, planning publicity on the run-away car.

This farce satirizes Hollywood publicity to generate fans for glamorous movie stars that plays havoc with the star's personal life. Ironically the romance novelist has a family and dislikes women.

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