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Way Out West

(1937 b 64')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Laurel and Hardy take a deed to a gold mine out west but are tricked into giving it to the wrong woman and try to get it back.

In a Brushwood Gulch saloon Mickey Finn has his hat shot off before he can introduce his wife Lola Marcel (Sharon Lynn), who entertains. Stan (Laurel) walks as a donkey pulls Oliver (Hardy) on a litter into a stream. Stan gets a stage to stop by showing his leg. A woman (Vivien Oakland) complains to her husband, the sheriff (Stanley Fields), about Oliver and Stan. He warns them to leave town. Stan and Laurel do a soft-shoe dance to a western song. In the saloon Stan and Oliver tell Mickey that Mary Roberts inherited a gold mine, and they have the deed. Mickey tells Lola to be Mary. Stan uses tough meat to fix a hole in his shoe. Mickey takes Stan and Oliver to Lola. Mary Roberts (Rosina Lawrence) found the deed and brings it in; it is given to Lola. Stan tries to get the locket off Oliver's neck. Lola tells Mickey to get Stan and Oliver out of town.

Oliver and Stan sing "Trail of the Lonesome Pine." Lola gets Mary to sign the deed over to her as guardian. Dogs attack Stan's shoe. Oliver and Stan meet and identify Mary. Oliver and Stan take the deed from Lola and fight over it with Lola and Mickey. Lola tickles Stan on the bed while Mickey holds a gun on Oliver. Lola gets it, but Oliver grabs it. The sheriff comes in and tells Oliver and Stan to get out of town. They run away, and Oliver falls in the stream. Stan had promised he would eat Oliver's hat if they did not get the deed, and Oliver makes him do it.

At night Oliver and Stan sneak in to get the deed, but Oliver falls through a roof. Stan tries to hoist Oliver up with a rope but keeps dropping him. Lola complains that Mickey is laughing in his sleep. Oliver's head sticks through a trap door in the floor, and Stan covers it with a bucket. Stan lights his lamp with his flaming thumb. Stan explains to Mary. Oliver and Stan hide in a grand piano, but Mickey finds them. Oliver takes his rifle, and Stan gets the deed. Oliver ties up Mickey while Stan gets the donkey. Mary runs out with Stan and Oliver. Mary wants to go back south, and they set off singing.

This comedy offers slapstick antics in a western setting, enabling audiences to laugh at the skillful foolishness of two favorite comedy stars. There is little romance; but Lola drives the cowboys wild, and the scene of her tickling Stan on the bed has erotic implications.

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