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There Goes My Girl

(1937 b 74')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A couple of competing journalists are kept from marrying by an editor who doesn't want to lose his best reporter.

Jerry Martin (Gene Raymond) tries to get a bum to eat for him so that he won't be poisoned at a party given because he and reporter Connie Taylor (Ann Sothern) are getting married. Editor Tim J. Whelan (Richard Lane) complains that Connie is leaving but blesses the couple. At the wedding a woman shoots a man, and Whelan tells Connie to go after her. Jerry chases Connie and takes her shoe. He is arrested, and she escapes; but during a fight he escapes too. Whelan pays the actors who staged the murder. Connie and Jerry dine and argue, as Connie tells Jerry to wait. He walks out; but she sees a photo of the actress and learns of the gag. Connie blames Whelan and calls Jerry; but he doesn't answer. Whelan sends four men to search for Connie. They find her in the shower and take her to Whelan. She refuses to cover a story until she learns that Jerry is there. Connie demands money.

Frank Tate (Frank Jenks) and Dunn (Gordon Jones) find Connie in furs and tell her that Jerry is with the suspect Dan Curtis. Whelan calls and tells Tate to keep Connie away from Jerry. At the jail Jerry asks Curtis about Margot Whitney (Joan Woodbury), and he asks the lawyer Joe Rethburn (Bradley Page) about the widow Andrews. Jerry runs into Connie but spurns her. At Rethburn's nightclub Margot dances. Connie comes in with Tate and joins Jerry. When Margot joins Jerry, Rethburn objects. Jerry disregards Rethburn's rules but finds Margot's dressing-room guarded and escapes. Rethburn sends Margot home guarded. Jerry calls Margot, who orders food to write a note to Jerry. Grace Andrews (Marla Shelton) asks Rethburn why he has not paid her. He says he bought out her late husband. Grace says she loves Rethburn and makes up.

Connie and Tate follow Grace. In her apartment Grace is shot. Connie hears the shot and her dying words, "Rethburn always keeps his appointments." Jerry comes in and has Connie call the police. As he looks around, she is shot in the shoulder; but he can't get back in. Jerry uses a disguise to get in but is ejected by police. Connie says she saw who shot her. Jerry finds Connie is shot and goes with her in the ambulance. She tells him the story, and he learns the rest for her. Henry says that Rethburn was stealing from Andrews, and Curtis is innocent. Jerry gives the story to Tate for Whelan, who takes off Connie's name and puts Jerry's in order to keep her. Jerry visits Connie in the hospital and accuses Whelan, who feigns a heart attack. Jerry knocks him out so that he and Connie can wed.

This frantic comedy plays upon the difficulty two busy reporters might have being married and the extent to which an editor will go to get stories.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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