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She's Got Everything

(1937 b 73')

En: 5 Ed: 4

When a woman inherits her father's debts, her creditors try to get her to marry a wealthy man by getting her a job as his secretary.

Creditors remove furniture while Aunt Jane (Helen Broderick) tries to keep them from sleeping Carol Rogers (Ann Sothern), whose father left her debts. Racing bookie Waldo Eddington (Victor Moore) tells Jane that Carol could marry. Coffee owner Fuller Partridge (Gene Raymond) calls Waldo that he wants to sell his race-horse. Waldo gets the creditors to give the furniture back so that Carol can hook a rich man. Waldo gets Carol a job as Fuller's secretary. Fuller has her taste coffee, which she hates. They walk in the rain, and Fuller sneezes. Carol nurses Fuller back to health. In the office Carol faints. The doctor says she needs rest, and Fuller sends her on a vacation. Waldo keeps a poor man away from Carol by saying she belongs to a gangster. Creditors Chaffee (Billy Gilbert), Zyteras (Harry Parke), and Roger (William Brisbane) of Madame Helene complain to Waldo, who calls Fuller that Carol is crying for him deliriously. Waldo has broke professor Corrio (Solly Ward) hypnotize Carol; but Jane is hypnotized, and Carol goes out. Fuller arrives with Dr. Blicker and hears Jane calling his name. Corrio tries to wake Jane. Waldo dances with Carol, and Fuller sees her. Fuller dances with Carol while Waldo tries to wake Jane. Carol sings "It's Sleepy Time in Hawaii." Waldo and Jane see Fuller kiss Carol and get it in the papers.

Fuller learns it was the creditors' scheme. Fuller has breakfast with Carol and is brusque. He orders chop suey, chili, and drumming. Fuller takes Carol shopping and dislikes her clothes. He walks in the rain with Carol in terrible clothes. She asks why, and Fuller says he knows her scheme. Carol slaps him, and they sneeze. Fuller tells Waldo that he is not marrying Carol, who blames Jane. Waldo tells Fuller that Carol is not out for money. Fuller calls Carol, who complains. He comes over with roses and candy. Carol agrees to marry him tomorrow. Waiting Fuller and Waldo learn that Carol and Jane are taking a boat. Partridge coffee trucks block their cab. Fuller tells Carol that he is going to Paris with her. On the back of a moving truck they are wed. Jane and Waldo are married too, and the creditors present their bills.

This romantic comedy relieves the tension of concerns about money and debts with humor and a romantic fantasy of finding a handsome young man who is also very wealthy.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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