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The Man Who Found Himself

(1937 b 67')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A young doctor runs away from a scandal after a flying accident and becomes a mechanic; but a nurse urges him back to his true calling.

Dr. James Stanton Jr. (John Beal) removes the appendix from his friend Dick Miller (Phillip Huston). Jim tells his fiancé Barbara Reed (Jane Walsh) that they can move into a new house. Inspector Grey tells Jim that his father reported him for flying dangerously. Jim argues with his father Dr. Stanton (George Irving) and says he is flying to Philadelphia. In the rain married Helen asks Jim to take her with him. In the storm the plane crashes. Her husband sues because of her death, and the suit is settled. Jim is put on probation and is angry because the medical board and his father did not believe him it was not a love tryst. Jim tells Barbara he is leaving town, but she says she won't go with him.

Jim goes west and hitchhikes. He joins bums going to Los Angeles, but a judge gives them thirty days on a road crew. Dick sees Jim and gets him a job as an airplane mechanic. Jim meets nurse Doris King (Joan Fontaine). He says little, and she tries to draw him out. Roberts (Frank M. Thomas) orders Doris to find Dick, but she gets Jim to fly to pick up a patient. In flight Jim helps her restrain a delirious patient and orders her to give him morphine. Jim tells reporter Nosey Watson (Jimmy Conlin) that Doris did it herself. Doris urges Roberts to make Jim a pilot. Roberts fires Jim as a mechanic and hires him as a pilot. Jim renews his pilot license as Jim Stanton. Nosey finds out and tells Doris, who asks for a few days' delay on the story. She talks to Jim about doctors, and he kisses her.

Jim complains that he was put on an ambulance plane, and Doris says she knows he ran away from his past. Drunk Dick finds Jim packing and tells him that Doris left. Jim keeps Dick from flying and calls Roberts that Dick is sick, agreeing to take his flight. Doris calls Dr. Stanton that she found his son Jim. She goes to Barbara and meets her fiancé. Barbara takes Doris to Dr. Stanton. Jim tells Dick that he is staying. Dr. Stanton rides a train with Doris, and the train wrecks. Roberts sends Jim and Dick. Dr. Stanton and Doris treat the injured. Jim lands nearby. Dr. Stanton prepares to operate on the ambulance plane. Jim sees that his father is tired and decides to help with the operation. In the final scene Jim goes with Doris to help others too.

In this drama Jim needs freedom from his family's medical tradition and experiences other things like flying before he can settle down to being a physician like his father. An attractive nurse in a similar situation leads him back to his duty.

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