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The King and the Chorus Girl

(1937 b 94')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A former king stops drinking long enough to fall in love with a chorus girl.

Dr. Kornish tells Count Humbert (Edward Everett Horton) and Duchess Anna (Mary Nash) that King Alfred drinks, because he is bored. Alfred (Fernand Gravey) attends the Folies Bergere with Humbert and Anna and knows the punch-lines. During the song "For You" one of the women dancing shines her mirror at Alfred, and he tells Humbert to invite her to supper. Humbert and Anna recommend Alfred to the American Dorothy (Joan Blondell). When she learns that Alfred is asleep, Dorothy leaves. When Alfred awakes as usual at night, he asks about the girl. Humbert says she couldn't come. Humbert and Anna go to her; but Dorothy says Alfred must call on her. Alfred kisses her hand and leads her to his car. Alfred says he now rules only two people in his Paris apartment. Alfred and Dorothy dine formally and dance; but she rejects his kiss. Alfred says he was testing her and tries again; but she calls him conceited and runs out.

Drunk Alfred summons Humbert and goes to her apartment at 4 a.m. Alfred climbs up and goes in her window to sleep on her couch, while Dorothy goes with Humbert to his apartment. Alfred goes to see Dorothy dance, and they go out to dine with Gaston (Luis Alberni) and Babette (Jane Wyman). Gaston tells Alfred how to save money, and Alfred argues with the waiter. Gaston asks Alfred to pay half; but Alfred has no money, and Dorothy pays his share, causing Gaston to leave with Babette, though they see Alfred get into his royal car. Dorothy tells Humbert and Anna that she is in love with Alfred; but she expects he will marry royalty and cries. Alfred and Dorothy ride bikes, and he is happy with her; but she says she is going back to Brooklyn to marry a doctor. Alfred says she is lying.

Alfred tells Humbert that he is taking his yacht to Africa with Dorothy. Humbert and Anna warn Dorothy and plan to find a waiter to be the doctor. Donald (Alan Mowbray) calls on Dorothy. Alfred walks in on them, and Donald says they are engaged. Alfred politely leaves, drinks, and sends his car home. Alfred goes to the restaurant and drinks. Alfred sees that Donald is a waiter and makes him explain. Alfred goes to Dorothy and invites her on his boat. Dorothy comes to his yacht for dinner. Donald comes in with Alfred's hat and coat. Alfred says that Donald played a part for Humbert and Anna; but Dorothy cries and tells Alfred that she loves him. Alfred looks for Dorothy. On an ocean liner Dorothy does not eat and on the empty ship finds Alfred, who chartered the whole boat. In the final scene Alfred and Dorothy are wed by the captain, and Alfred orders him to take the ship to Niagara Falls.

This romance shows a useless man with idle time shift from drinking to an American chorus girl, who believes in the sacredness of romance.

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