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Hitting a New High

(1937 b 77')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A singer wants to be in opera, and a promoter gets her discovered as a bird girl in Africa; but her boyfriend wants her to sing with his jazz band.

Jimmy (John Howard) won't let Suzette (Lily Pons) sing opera with his jazz band in a night-club. She declines marriage again, and they argue. Corby (Jack Oakie) tells her she can meet Blynn. In Africa Blynn (Edward Everett Horton) is hunting with Corby and hears Suzette singing. Blynn gives her his watch and other things, and the bird-girl is transported to the ship in a cage. Suzette and Corby agree on 50% each. Corby tells Blynn that she was brought up by birds, and she studies singing with Marlo (Luis Alberni). In New York Jimmy waits for Suzette to open his show. As the bird-girl she sings on the radio. Jimmy hears her and tells his clarinetist Cosmo (Eric Blore) he can find her.

Jimmy tells Blynn he wants Suzette to sing with his band. Jimmy finds Suzette, and she kisses him. Jimmy asks her to sing, but she says no. Jimmy tells Corby he will expose her if she does not; so Corby tells Suzette to sing with Jimmy at night. Corby and Blynn show Mazzini (Eduardo Ciannelli) telegrams about the bird-girl. Mazzini and opera composer Haig (Vinton Hayworth) go to hear Suzette, who sings "Hitting a New High." Mazzini and Haig ask Suzette to be in their opera. Cosmo asks Mazzini for $10,000 and is ignored. So as an African hunter Cosmo goes to see Blynn. Corby tries to get rid of him; but Cosmo tells Blynn that he is the bird-girl's father. While Blynn gets her, Corby gives Cosmo $50. Blynn tells Corby he will have a garden party for her to sing to Mazzini. Corby destroys the invitations to Mazzini and Haig; but they come anyway because Blynn called them. Blynn introduces the bird-girl, who sings an aria unseen as Corby and Blynn urge her to appear. Then Mazzini and Haig see that she is Suzette. They tell her not to sing in the night-club lest Blynn find out.

Blynn suggests going to hear their Suzette, and Mazzini and Haig let him go. When Corby tells them that Suzette is gone, they go after Blynn, who is tipsy. Blynn sees Cosmo playing clarinet. Suzette unexpectedly comes in singing, and Blynn stops her. Corby says it was all Blynn's scheme. They all argue. Jimmy's jazz band plays, and they sing with Suzette "Let's Give Love Another Chance." Jimmy and Suzette kiss.

This musical comedy is rather absurd but amusing, thanks to the antics of those claiming to have discovered Suzette.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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