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Her Husband's Secretary

(1937 b 61')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A secretary quits her job to marry a riveter, who inherits a business; but her best friend becomes his secretary, endangering her marriage.

Secretary Carol (Jean Muir) is urged by her roommate Diane (Beverly Roberts) to go after her boss Steven Garron (Addison Richards) even though he is married; but Carol is pursued relentlessly by riviter Bart Kingdon (Warren Hull) and agrees to marry him. Carol recommends that Garron replace her with Diane. Bart learns that his wealthy father (Harry Davenport) is dying and is reconciled with him. The father warns Carol that Bart is willful.

Bart takes over the Kingdon construction business after his father's death. Carol tells Diane she is happy, and Diane says that Garron's wife is jealous. Bart's aunt Agatha Kingdon (Clara Blandick) got Kingdon his secretary Baldwin (Minerva Urecal), who is efficient but not attractive; but Baldwin tells Bart that she is quitting to get married.

Bart dictates to Diane, and Stevenson (Joseph Crehan) tells Bart of a strike. Diane and Bart call Carol that he must work late. Agatha warns Carol about Diane, but Carol trusts him. In a jewelry store Agatha sees Bart buying a ring with Diane and tells Carol; but Bart comes in and gives the ring to Carol. Bart works with Diane, and Carol invites Diane to a party. Carol misses Bart, who is working so much. Carol sadly watches Bart dancing and talking with Diane.

Bart plans a trip to see Underwood and calls Carol, who wants to go; but he says it is only for one night. Diane rips up a telegram from Underwood that he is returning early. Bart and Diane find the cabin empty but break in. Carol tells Agatha that she saw Diane with Bart at the airport and says she is afraid. Stevenson calls that Underwood is back, and Carol goes after Bart. Diane asks Bart if they can stay longer and kisses him. Diane asks Bill to tell Carol as Carol walks in. Carol hits Diane with her bag and leaves. Bart and Diane flee a forest fire on foot, but Bart falls on his head and is knocked out. Carol in a car sees the fire and goes back. Carol picks up Diane and goes back for Bart.

Carol tells Agatha that Stevenson and Diane saved the business while Bart was in the hospital. They learn that Bart went to lunch with Diane. At home Carol tells Bart she is going away; but he says he is not seeing Diane again. Baldwin comes in and wants her job back, because she caught her husband playing around with his secretary. Carol laughs and embraces Bart.

This triangle explores the dilemma that a man often spends more time with his secretary than with his wife. The ethics of Carol is contrasted to the opportunism of her friend Diane, as men are seen as irrepressible.

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