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Fight For Your Lady

(1937 b 67')

En: 5 Ed: 4

In this farce a wrestling manager tries to keep a jilted singer from committing suicide with a new romance.

In London Robert Densmore (John Boles) plans to marry Marcia Trent (Margot Grahame). Wrestling manager Ham Hamilton (Jack Oakie) is given bills and tells Mike Scanlon (Gordon Jones) to lose so he can win a bet; but Marcia Trent bets on Mike, who wins for her. Ham hides from collectors with Densmore's coat and calls on him to return it. Densmore has a cold, and Marcia leaves. Ham makes Densmore exercise for two months. Ham tackles Mike, who says he is in with Marcia despite her planned marriage. Ham calls on Marcia and tells her that Densmore is broke, and she says she won't see him again. Ham tells reporters the wedding is off.

Densmore cancels his singing tour and goes to Budapest with Ham. Densmore drinks and learns from reporter Jimmy Trask (Paul Guilfoyle) that Marcia married Mike. Ham goes to the police to stop Densmore's suicide. Jimmy finds Densmore and drinks with him. Tipsy Jimmy offers to help Densmore commit suicide by flirting with Marietta so that jealous Spadissimo will kill him. Ventriloquist Marietta (Ida Lupino) sings, and Densmore invites her to dance, as he sings "Blame It on the Danube."

Marcia reads of Densmore's romance, complains to Mike, and tells him to get out. Spadissimo (Erik Rhodes) tells reporters he will kill Densmore. Spadissimo dances with Marietta, and Densmore cuts in, causing Spadissimo to challenge him to a duel. Ham tries to manage Spadissimo but is discouraged by his sword. Undertakers approach Densmore. Marietta tells Spadissimo that Densmore has a mother so he won't kill him. Marietta tells Densmore that Spadissimo will only scratch him; but Densmore says he has no mother. Marietta and Densmore say they love each other and kiss. Ham and Jimmy tell Marietta that Densmore was jilted by Marcia and wants to die. Marietta meets Marcia looking for Densmore and calls Spadissimo that Densmore has no mother. Ham and Jimmy get Densmore to sign a confession, and police take him to jail. Spadissimo waits, and Marcia asks him to call it off; but Densmore is taken from jail by Boris (Billy Gilbert) and Joris. Densmore and Spadissimo duel with swords while Ham and Marietta rush to get there. Ham dresses as Densmore's mother and pleads with Spadissimo, who cries and lets Densmore go. Police try to arrest Ham for false arrest while Densmore kisses Marietta.

Ham's quips cut through various facades in this amusing comedy that satirizes Ham's schemes, Marcia's superficiality, and Spadissimo's killing for "honor" in duels.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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