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Ever Since Eve

(1937 b 80')

En: 5 Ed: 5

An attractive secretary gets more work by looking unattractive; but her new boss falls for the pretty version in this comedy of confused identity.

In San Francisco pretty secretary Marge Winton (Marion Davies) is fired for objecting to her boss's sexual advances. In her next job three executives ask her to stay late, and she quits. Freddy Matthews (Robert Montgomery) is with Camille Lansing (Marcia Ralston) when he meets pretty Marge. Marge learns that Belldon Publishing does not hire pretty girls. Jake (Allen Jenkins) brings his plumbing boss, Al McCoy (Barton MacLane), to the apartment of Sadie Day (Patsy Kelly) for Marge, who comes in with glasses looking homely, causing McCoy to leave.

Abigail Belldon (Louise Fazenda) hires ugly Marge as secretary for writer Freddy, who doesn't recognize her. Belldon tells him to finish his book. At lunch Freddy tells Marge the story, and she cries to get him to work. While he avoids working much, she sends him to the wrong hotel, causing an argument between Freddy and Camille. Marge says she must protect him from interruptions and leaves. Freddy finds her notes are in shorthand and calls on pretty Marge, who says she is "Sadie." Sadie says Marge is a liar and leaves with Jake, trying to explain. Freddy takes "Sadie" to dinner, and Jake and Sadie see them. Freddy and pretty Marge dance. Camille sees Freddy and tells Mike (Frank McHugh) to cut in; but Freddy and "Sadie" go outside. Freddy tells her he likes her and takes her home at 4 a.m. Marge tells Sadie that Freddy hates deceit and that she is in love.

Freddy works with his secretary Marge, who tells him that "Sadie" went to Monterey. Belldon comes in to check on progress and learns that Freddy went to Monterey. Camille comes in and plans to go there, and Belldon orders Marge to go to Monterey. Marge finds Freddy so he can work, and he dictates. Camille tells Freddy he is taking her to the fiesta. Marge as "Sadie" comes in and is welcomed by Freddy. She says Marge will lose her job if he doesn't finish the book. At the fiesta Freddy dines with Camille and "Sadie," giving her an outline for Marge. During a robbery "Sadie" turns out the lights and leaves. Freddy thinks she was abducted and tells police. Jake reads that Sadie was kidnapped and takes Sadie, Belldon, and Mike to Monterey. Marge brings down the finished book and tells Camille she can have Freddy now; but he says no. Freddy demands that Marge take him to "Sadie." Marge goes up to change, and he sneaks around to watch. Freddy tells Marge he loves her, taking off her glasses and wig. He tells the others, and they plan to marry.

Based on the problem of prevalent sexual harassment in the workplace during this era, this comedy makes various points about what is considered attractive and how it may interfere with work.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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