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Draegerman Courage

(1937 b 58')

En: 5 Ed: 6

A mine owner, his manager, and a doctor are trapped in a mine and are rescued by draegermen.

André Beaupré (Barton MacLane) warns manager John McNally (Addison Richards) that the supports are not being set properly in the mines. A mine caves in, injuring two, and seven are trapped. Beaupré helps dig them out. At dinner Dr. Thomas Haslett (Henry O'Neill) says they need a hospital. Beaupré tells Dr. Haslett that the graveyard mine is jinxed. Beaupré learns that Pete Lawson died and goes to the saloon. There McNally denies that Beaupré warned him. McNally tells owner Martin Crane (Robert Barrat) that Beaupré is shooting off his mouth. Crane comes in and fires Beaupré, who hits McNally and Crane. Beaupré gives Ellen Haslett (Jean Muir) an affectionate good-bye. Ellen's little sister Suzanne (Priscilla Lyon) is hurt, and Beaupré gets Dr. Haslett, who tells his wife Mary (Helen MacKeller) that he needs an x-ray. Dr. Stuart Hunter (Joseph Crehan) tells Dr. Haslett that Suzanne needs an operation. Dr. Haslett asks Crane to loan him $400 more even though he owes him $600 already. Crane advises Dr. Haslett to collect what is owed him and charge more. Dr. Haslett offers Crane the graveyard mine, and Crane buys an option for $400.

Crane, McNally, and Dr. Haslett explore the graveyard mine but are trapped when it caves in. They see a fissure and send up smoke that is seen. Beaupré hears news they are trapped and comes back. Dr. Haslett says that McNally has pneumonia. Men drill from above, while Beaupré helps with the tunneling. McNally dies. Men drill down 140 feet to Dr. Tom and Crane. They drop a phone line down, and Dr. Tom talks to his wife Mary. Dr. Tom asks for soup first. Water is up to their knees. Ellen takes coffee to the men digging. Crane collapses, knocking the phone into the water. Beaupré tells Ellen it will be about one hour, but then he finds a danger they have to dig around. Ellen gets no answer on the phone. News reports on the tenth day. Beaupré breaks through and proceeds with a rope tied around him. He ties the rope to a post and wades in water to Dr. Tom. Beaupré and others help Dr. Tom and Crane out.

Crane's son is born and is named after Dr. Tom. Crane plans to build a hospital in honor of the men who saved them.

This moving drama shows the dangers of mines and the need for safety and health care. Crane after spending so many days alone with Dr. Tom learns that there is much more to life than the business of making money.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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