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Danger Patrol

(1937 b 59')

En: 4 Ed: 5

Men work with the danger of using nitroglycerin in oil fields while their women worry about them being killed.

In Goliath, Texas a nitro truck goes through town with a siren, and Rocky (Frank M. Thomas) fires the driver Ed for losing his mental balance. Dan Loring (John Beal) applies for the dangerous job, and Rocky hires him. Dan works with Sam "Easy" Street (Harry Carey), who shows him how to pour nitroglycerin for a well that erupts with oil. Gabby Donovan (Edward Gargan) is bossed by his worried wife Nancy Donovan (Lee Patrick), who complains he didn't call. Easy brings Dan to have dinner with his daughter Cathy Street (Sally Eilers), who is upset because she wants Easy to quit. They go to a dance. Cathy dances with Dan and Eric Trumble (Crawford Weaver), who wants to marry her. Easy gets a call from Rocky and leaves on a job. Cathy asks Dan to take her out. Dan tells her he has been poor but wants to complete medical school.

Dan moves up to full-time work and tells Cathy. She burns the roast and goes to dinner with Dan. He asks her to marry, and she says no because his job is dangerous. Gabby tells Nancy he got a month vacation and has $1,000 saved. Gabby is late, and Easy makes calls. Tim (Paul Guilfoyle) has nitro fever. Nancy comes in and asks about Gabby. Many attend Gabby's funeral.

Easy tells Dan to keep away from Cathy and goes on a long haul. Cathy explains and asks Dan to get away from this job with her; but he says he needs the money. Cathy says good-bye and plans to marry Eric. Easy says that Rocky is transferring Dan. Rocky has a dangerous job flying nitro to put out fires in Mexico and offers $1,000. Dan volunteers for it. Easy tells Rocky that Dan can't put out fires and asks for the job to no avail. Dan loads nitro on the plane. Easy apologizes to Dan and knocks him out so he can replace him. Cathy complains to Rocky but sees Dan, who says Easy went. Easy and pilot Bill (Richard Lane) land at the border and fly over Mexico but can't see the field. Dan and Cathy listen to the plane and the field by short-wave radio. As they run out of gas, Easy tells Cathy to get together with Dan; then the plane explodes. In the final scene Cathy embraces Dan.

This short drama explores the pressure a dangerous job places on the men and their families in an era pioneering explosive technologies.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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