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The Bride Wore Red

(1937 b 103')

En: 5 Ed: 6

In this adaptation of Ferenc Molnar's play a bar singer is given two weeks in an aristocratic hotel and tries to land a wealthy husband.

In Trieste Count Armalia (George Zucco) tells Rudi Pal (Robert Young) that social status is luck and takes him to the lowest pub. Anni Pavlovitch (Joan Crawford) sings "Who Wants Love?" Count Armalia gives Anni money to stay two weeks in a good hotel as Anne Vivaldi. The postmaster Giulio (Franchot Tone) gives Anne a ride from the train and is content. Anni sees the maid is her friend Maria (Mary Philips), who is happy working there. Admiral Monti (Reginald Owen) sends Anne a note, but she looks at Rudi and rips it up. Giulio talks with Anne; neither is in love. Rudi apologizes to Anne and invites her to join them. Rudi is engaged to Maddelena Monti (Lynne Carver) and dances with Anne.

Anne climbs a mountain with Rudi, who says he wants only her. Giulio gives Anne her first letter, which is from her bar; but she says it is from Count Armalia. Giulio tells Anne she was so pleasant the first day but not since then. Maria tells Anni that Contessa di Meina (Billie Burke) wired Count Armalia. Two weeks have passed, and Anne owes money. Giulio reads Count Armalia's telegram saying who Anne is. Anne goes to see Giulio, who shows her his little house. Giulio asks Anne about Trieste; she makes up a prosperous life and then cries. Giulio tells Anne that he loves her. When she falls, Giulio loses the telegram and kisses her. At a peasant festival Giulio offers Anne a flower; but she is with Rudi and declines it. Rudi kisses Anne and says he loves her. Rudi asks why his marrying Maddelena should be a problem for them. Anne says that he will never see her again. Then Rudi asks her to be his wife. Giulio asks to dance with Anne and asks her how much Rudi paid her for a kiss. Anne tells Giulio that she was afraid of her love for him and admits she had to stop the telegram. Anne feels she loves Giulio, but she plans to marry Rudi. Giulio says he could deliver the telegram.

Anni packs and tells Maria she feels lost. Rudi tells Maddelena that he loves Anne and will marry her. Anne wears a red dress to her wedding, and Maria says she has no heart. Maddelena wishes Anne well. They hear Giulio's flute, and Anne gets upset. The Contessa gets the telegram, and Anni says that Maddelena is the finest woman and should marry Rudi. Anni goes to Maria and cries. Maria says that Giulio loves Anni. The hotel manager tells Anni to get out. Anni wants Giulio and learns that he still wants her.

This romantic drama explores how class differences affect values and attitudes. From economic frustration Anni chooses wealth over love; but the experience of Giulio and Maria suggest that she will be happier with love.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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