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Breakfast for Two

(1937 b 68')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A Texas debutante manages to take a broke shipping magnate away from an actress by buying his company and getting him to revive it.

Valet Butch (Eric Blore) finds Valentine Ransome (Barbara Stanwyck) in Jonathan's shower and Jonathan Blair (Herbert Marshall) asleep on the couch. Val says that the dog wouldn't let her leave, and Jonathan asks Butch to bring breakfast for two. Jonathan and Val recall their romantic night; but he attributes it to his cups and gives her a check for $600. Actress Carol Wallace (Glenda Farrell) comes in and sees Val, who leaves. Carol tells Jonathan that he invested $20,000 in her play. Butch tells Jonathan that he is out of funds. While Jonathan hears the report on his steamship company, he calls to find out Val's name. Jonathan learns that his salary has been suspended. Gordon Faraday calls Jonathan about the niece of Sam Ransome (Frank M. Thomas). Val returns to them, gets flowers from Jonathan, and says she is staying in New York because she intends to marry him.

Jonathan learns that Blair Steamship stock is sold and that Val bought it. He accuses her of stealing his company and wearing the pants. Jonathan says good-bye to six servants, and he tells Butch that he needs money to fight money. Val pays the servants to stay, and Butch tells her that Jonathan is not going to fight. Jonathan complains to Val for taking his house too. She slaps him with boxing gloves. They box, but he only hits her on the fanny. Both Jonathan and Butch have a black eye. Carol comes in, and Val drops a door-knob from her boxing glove. Carol invites Jonathan to stay at her apartment. Val makes Jonathan vice president of the company. Jonathan asks Carol if she wants to change him, and she says no. Val tells Sam that she is ignoring her father's advice. Val talks business, and Jonathan tells her he is going to marry Carol that day.

At the wedding window washers distract them. Sam objects that Carol is the mother of his kids, and he punches Jonathan. To save the steamship company from questionable management Jonathan proposes new trade contracts and himself as receiver. Val congratulates Jonathan, who tells Sam he is wedding Carol and knocks him down. At the wedding Butch brings in a marriage contract between Jonathan and Val. When Jonathan goes to Val, she suggests doing nothing. Butch tells Val he forged her name. Jonathan argues with Val, who wants children. Butch tells Jonathan that he forged his name. Jonathan starts unpacking Val's trunk and says she is his wife. She throws things at him and knocks him down. Finally Jonathan and Val wed on the street.

This comedy shows the fun and games of two people from wealthy families using their resources to get what they want, which turns out to be each other.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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