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Border Cafe

(1937 b 67')

En: 5 Ed: 4

The son of a senator gets drunk and then falls in love with a Mexican while gaining a friend, who takes him to his ranch.

Drunk Keith Whitney (John Beal) is in jail on several charges, but his father, Senator Whitney (George Irving), gets him out and says he must live on his salary. Keith decides to leave and goes to the Texas-Mexico border, where he drinks while Deminaga (Armida) sings in Spanish and dances. Texas Ranger Tex (Harry Carey) is looking for cattle rustlers, and Keith helps him arrest a suspect who pulls a gun. Rocky (J. Carrol Naish) tells three cowboys how they can make more money. Tex thanks Keith and advises him to lay off the bottle. Keith is broke but is hired to play piano and is allowed to stay in Deminaga's room. She asks him to go in the morning, but the next day he establishes a border in the room.

Men in trucks shoot cattle and ship beef east for Rocky. Keith wires his father for $2,000 for a business venture. Deminaga sees Rocky ordering his men to get rid of a body, and he kisses her. Keith tells Tex that his parents are coming, and they think he has a ranch. Tex offers to be Keith's partner if he stops drinking. Tex finds Deminaga in the car going to his ranch; but Keith approves of her being a cook. Tex gets Keith up at 5:30. Tex ropes a horse for Keith; but the horse throws Keith four times. While Keith is working, Rocky and two men tell Tex he can join a new cattle protection association for $1,000; but Tex declines. Tex tells Keith that he knew his father as Pole-cat Whitney at Harvard. Keith and Deminaga dance, and he kisses her.

Tex notices tampering with the cow vaccine, and the water is contaminated. Rocky calls him and now asks for $2,000. The Whitneys arrive with Keith's fiancé Janet (Marjorie Lord). They walk in, and Janet sees Keith kissing Deminaga. Senator Whitney asks to see Tex's contract with Keith. Tex calls a lawyer. Tex gives Senator Whitney tequila, and they boast about their ancestors. Whitney offers to make his son a junior partner, but Keith says he is staying there. The Whitneys told Deminaga not to marry Keith; but Tex has Deminaga tell of her aristocratic ancestors. Rocky comes in with a gun and takes Deminaga and Senator Whitney. Tex and his men on horses head off their car. Tex and Keith shoot the tires and the engine to cause a fire. In the gun battle Senator Whitney hits Rocky with a rock, and Tex shoots Rocky. In the final scene Keith says good-bye to his parents and Janet, and then he kisses Deminaga.

A Texas rancher helps redeem an alcoholic and catches racketeering rustlers, while supporting his new friend's romance with a Mexican singer, affirming the values of honest work and multi-culturalism.

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