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Walking on Air

(1936 b 70')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A wealthy man tries to keep his daughter from marrying one man; so she hires another to insult her father but falls in love with him.

Horace Bennett (Henry Stephenson) does not want his daughter Kit (Ann Sothern) to marry Fred Randolph and locks her in her room; but she resists and throws breakfast and lunch off the balcony. Joe (Gordon Jones) and Pete Quinlan (Gene Raymond) are broke, and Joe runs ads in the paper. At an audition Pete sings "Cabin on the Hilltop." Kit sees the ad and gives in. Henry hires Joe as a bodyguard to keep Kit from marrying Fred. Kit calls on Pete and hires him to make her father hate him. Pete pretends to be a count from France and is an insulting guest. Kit tells Pete to embrace her, and he kisses her. Joe attacks Pete and Fred in the garden to try to steal their pants but loses his own. A French servant tells Horace that Pete is not French, and Evelyn Bennett (Jessie Ralph) explains to her brother Horace Kit's strategy. Horace now just laughs at Pete's insults. Pete dances with Kit to "My Heart Wants to Dance." Pete and Kit sing "Make a Wish" and kiss. Pete sees Fred (Alan Curtis), who wants to get married.

Kit tells Horace that the count asked her to marry; but to her surprise he and Evelyn congratulate them. Kit realizes they knew and gets angry at Pete, telling him to leave. Horace insists that Pete stay, causing him to go up and down the stairs. Pete tries to stop Kit from driving off to elope. Pete advises Horace to let Kit marry. Kit comes back to see if Pete is hurt, but Pete is gone. Pete is hired to sing on radio and sings "Let's Make a Wish." Horace, Evelyn, and Kit hear him by radio. Horace tells Kit that she can marry Fred, but she cries. Evelyn advises Kit to tell Pete how she feels. They go but see Pete embracing a woman that Joe says is Mrs. Quinlan; they don't know it is his sister-in-law and leave. Kit finds her father has Fred at home and agrees to marry him right away by driving to Arizona. Pete calls and learns of the misunderstanding and that they left. On the radio Pete explains to Kit he is not married; but the car radio is off. Men try to stop Pete; finally at a gas station Kit learns of Pete's plea. Kit calls, but Pete is arrested. In court Kit sees Pete sentenced to ten days, and she breaks a window to get ten days too.

This romantic screw-ball comedy allows the audience to watch Kit and Pete fall in love in humorous situations while knowing Fred only wants Kit's money to pay his ex-wife alimony. Evelyn's intuition perceives Kit's feelings quickly while stubborn Horace responds slowly to advice from her and Pete.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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