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Times Square Playboy

(1936 b 62')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Based on George M. Cohan's play The Home Towners, an old friend arrives in New York to be best man and almost breaks up his friend's wedding.

Stock-broker Vic Arnold (Warren William) announces his wedding to Beth Calhoun (June Travis) and buys her a diamond bracelet. Vic calls P. H. "Ben" Bancroft (Gene Lockhart) to be his best man. Ben and his wife Lottie Bancroft (Kathleen Lockhart) arrive at Vic's penthouse and find him wrestling Casey (Barton MacLane). Vic and Ben drink and go out. Wally Calhoun (Dick Purcell) tells Ben what Vic has done for him; he now makes $15,000 a year and has turned down more. Beth sings "Looking for Trouble." Vic and Ben get drunk, and Ben warns Vic the Calhouns are gold-diggers. Vic slaps Ben, who apologizes and leaves.

Vic jogs with Casey. Lottie finds Ben recovering at the Waldorf. Vic calls on Ben to apologize, but Ben won't see him. The Calhouns come in and meet Lottie; but Ben tries to avoid them. Mr. Calhoun (Granville Bates) tries to adjust Ben's neck, while Ben says that Beth is marrying Vic for money. Lottie tells Ben that she is leaving. Ben slams the door on Vic, who brings in Ben's breakfast. Vic calls Ben Pig Head, and Ben slaps him. Vic pins Ben on the floor and covers his mouth while he tells him about the Calhouns. Beth gave up Hollywood for him, and Mr. Calhoun's invention is making him a million.

Vic finds the Calhouns at the football game, and they complain about Ben. Beth asks Vic to let football star Joe Roberts (Craig Reynolds) be best man. Vic gets jealous, and Beth returns the ring. Vic tells Ben and Lottie what happened. Wally brings the bracelet back and resigns. Wally criticizes small-town Ben and says that Roberts is wealthy; but Beth turned him down again. Ben makes Vic call Beth, but she hangs up. Ben cries in remorse. Vic discovers the bracelet is not in the box. Ben calls Wally that it is missing. Beth calls and goes there. Wally comes in and suspects Ben, who reveals the bracelet he used to get them together. Ben apologizes and says that big-city minds can be intolerant too. Beth kisses Ben and says he can be best man. They all toast the bride. Beth throws Vic on the floor and kisses him.

This short comedy shows the mayhem that can be caused when an old friend tries to change his friend's relationships before he even understands them.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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