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Tarzan Escapes

(1936 b 90')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Jane's relatives want her to return to England to inherit a fortune, and a hunter tries to capture Tarzan in a cage.

In Africa Jiggs Rawlins (Herbert Mundin) greets Eric Parker (William Henry) and Rita Parker (Benita Hume) and introduces them to Captain Fry (John Buckler). Rita wants to find her cousin Jane so that she can return to England and inherit a million pounds. Fry takes them on safari. Fearing juju (black magic), the natives refuse to go on, and they camp. Rita plays with a lion cub, and Fry shoots the attacking mother lion. Two natives are killed by Gabones. They flee while shooting, and Tarzan's call scares away the Gabones. They climb the escarpment. Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) appears, and Rawlins faints. Tarzan frees chimps from cages. Tarzan wakes Rita, who screams. Jane (Maureen O'Sullivan) wants to see them, and Tarzan takes Rita to Jane. Tarzan breaks Fry's rifle and kills a wildebeest for food. Jane prepares dinner for six. Fry suggests that Tarzan go to England. Rita and Eric say that Jane must go to get the money; but Tarzan does not understand money. Jane tells Tarzan that she must go for three months.

Jane and Tarzan spend their last day in love play. Fry sends Bomba (Darby Jones) to a chief with a message that he will take Tarzan away. Tarzan saves a fawn by killing a crocodile with his knife. Jane says good-bye to Cheetah and leaves with Fry's safari. Rawlins tells Bomba not to help Fry capture Tarzan. Fry warns Rawlins of danger, and Rawlins is shot. Fry tells Tarzan that Jane is not coming back. He tries to push Tarzan into a trap but falls in himself. Fry says that Jane knew, and so Tarzan goes in the cage. Fry's group is surrounded by a tribe. Fry gives the chief a bag of salt and offers Tarzan; but they already have Tarzan. The cage rolls down a hill and is taken by an elephant. A lion chases Cheetah, who gets another elephant to break open the cage so that Tarzan can get out. Fry and his people are tied to trees. One African is torn apart. Tarzan cuts Jane free. As Tarzan calls, elephants arrive and chase away the tribe. They run; Rita injures her leg and is carried on a litter as the tribe pursues them. They go into a juju region of dismal swamps. Tarzan makes Fry go back into it, and he drowns. Eric and Rita tell Jane that she only needs to sign a paper. They admire her life with Tarzan and advise her to stay. Tarzan finds Jane at home and hugs her.

In this adventure the happy, natural life of Tarzan and Jane is contrasted to a greedy hunter, who kills and enslaves for profit. Rita and Eric come to realize that Jane is happier there than a million pounds could make her. Thus civilization is challenged by natural kindness.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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