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Snowed Under

(1936 b 64')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A man tries to rewrite his third act with help from his first wife while distracted by a pretty neighbor and his second's wife demand for alimony.

Producer Arthur Layton (Porter Hall) needs a better third act and calls playwright Alan Tanner (George Brent). Pretty Pat Quinn (Patricia Ellis) rented his house, but he carries her out so he can write. Layton calls Alice (Genevieve Tobin) to help Alan. His housekeeper Liza (Helen Lowell) leaves. Alice arrives, and Alan welcomes her with a kiss. Alice asks Alan for $600 for her shop, and he asks her to read his first two acts. Alice was Alan's first wife, and he owes his second $300 per month. Deputy Sheriff Orlando Rowe (Frank McHugh) serves Alan with a warrant for $1200 back alimony. Daisy's lawyer Robert McBride (John Eldredge) comes in. Alice asks them to stay while Alan finishes his play so he'll have money. Alice finds Pat in a bed, and Pat says she is going to marry Alan. Daisy (Glenda Farrell) comes in complaining. Pat offers to pay the $1200, but Alice says Alan needs $5,000 bail. In the snow storm Pat drives Orlando's car into the bridge railing so no one can leave. Daisy is drunk and passes out. Orlando carries screaming Daisy upstairs. Alan works on his play with Alice and says that Pat is just a baby. Pat tells McBride that she loves Alan, but McBride kisses her. Pat argues with Alice. Orlando wakes Daisy, and she joins the arguing. Alan runs out and goes to Liza's house.

In the morning Layton calls Alice that he is coming. McBride has breakfast with Pat, disrupted by Daisy. Alice asks Daisy to read the play. Orlando finds Alan at Liza's, and Alan says his play is done. Alan agrees to be arrested and tells Orlando to fix the car. Alan ridicules Alice's ending, and she knocks him out with a poker and faints. Daisy sees them and faints, and so does Pat. Orlando revives them. Pat finds Alan kissing Alice, and Alan tells Pat that Alice is indispensable to him. Layton arrives by dogsled with the Sheriff (Olin Howlin), and Orlando hides. Layton asks for the third act, and Daisy demands alimony; but Layton offers her a part. McBride is found kissing Pat, and Daisy withdraws her case. Alan tells Alice to marry him again, and Daisy says she is marrying Orlando. In the final scene the Sheriff, Layton, and Daisy are buried in snow; Orlando laughs and is buried too.

In this amusing comedy a playwright juggles three women while a lawyer and deputy sheriff try to arrest him for unpaid alimony, and unbelievably he gets his play completed in one night.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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