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Smartest Girl in Town

(1936 b 58')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A model, who wants to marry a man with money, falls in love with a wealthy man she thinks is a poor model.

Cookie (Ann Sothern) models furs and tells her sister Gwen (Helen Broderick) that she hopes to marry a man of means; but Baron Torine (Erik Rhodes) brings her a sandwich and an egg. Cookie models on a yacht rented by the butler Lucius Philbean (Eric Blore) for $50. She takes owner Smith Stuyvesant (Gene Raymond) for a model, and they pose for photos. Cookie says she would marry the owner. Smith learns the ad company from Philbean and asks receptionist Gwen for the model's name. Cookie sneaks past Smith but is seen by Philbean. She brushes off Smith, who buys the camera Gwen gave her husband Terry (Harry Jans). Smith instructs Philbean on how to be the president of an ad company, but he keeps acting like a butler. Smith hides before Cookie and Gwen come in. Philbean offers Cookie $15 a week and then $25 a day. Cookie and Smith pose together at the beach for Philbean. Smith sings "Will You?" to Cookie, and she says no.

Gwen gives Terry money, and Baron Torine calls on Cookie. Smith has Philbean call Cookie, who goes to a hotel with the Baron. Smith confines the Baron in a phone booth and dines with Cookie. Smith brings Cookie roses and fruit. Cookie treats Smith's hair and washes it, massaging his scalp. Smith enjoys it and says she cares. Cookie gets emotional and makes Smith leave with the roses and fruit. Philbean picks up Smith in his car. The Baron brings Cookie a canary, which turns out to be a diamond ring, and he proposes to her in Italian. Smith goes back, but Terry tells him that Cookie is going to be married. To prove that Cookie loves him, Smith has Philbean call Cookie and tell her that Smith is "hovering between life and death" after shooting himself. Cookie rushes to the hotel; but Smith and Philbean get there first and find an empty room. Smith puts catsup on his head but is found by the couple in their room. Philbean takes Cookie to Smith, who says he wants to marry her before he dies. Cookie agrees even though he doesn't have money. Philbean has a judge wed them. Cookie kisses Smith, tastes the catsup, and learns that Smith owns the hotel.

This short and sweet comedy plays on the rival goals of love and money but pleases both desires of the audience by allowing a gold digger to find a romantic marriage with a man she thinks is poor but who is not.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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