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Small Town Girl

(1936 b 106')

En: 6 Ed: 6

While drunk a wealthy young doctor marries a small-town girl and then tries to pretend so he can divorce her and marry his fiancé.

Kay Brannan (Janet Gaynor) works in a grocery store. Elmer (James Stewart) tells Kay that he wants to be more to her. Kay cooks for her family and is bored with repeated conversations. Kay goes for a walk and meets Bob Dakin (Robert Taylor), who invites her to a tavern. They drink champagne and dance. Tipsy Bob drives toward Boston, and early in the morning Bob gets a judge to marry them. Bob drives off the road and passes out. When Bob wakes, Kay has to remind him what happened. Bob says his lawyer can get it annulled, but Kay says the newspapers know. Bob takes Kay to his parents. Bob had had a fight with his fiancé Priscilla Hyde (Binnie Barnes), who calls. Bob suspects Kay married him for his money. Bob's father Dr. Dakin (Lewis Stone) says that an annulment would ruin Bob's career as a doctor. Bob suggests pretending and divorcing in six months, because he loves Priscilla. Bob tells reporters that Priscilla broke off their engagement; then he embraces Priscilla.

Bob and Kay honeymoon on his yacht in separate cabins. Priscilla comes to see Kay and say good-bye to Bob. Kay gets sick on caviar, and Bob makes her go on deck. Bob and Kay pretend to be in love in front of Captain Mack (Edgar Kennedy) and the servants. Bob carries Kay, and she resists. Bob catches a cold and asks for brandy; Kay brings him lemon. Bob asks Kay to forgive him for being a grouch. On shore Bob and Kay help an injured deer, and Bob tells her about modern medicine.

Bob cuts short the trip and returns to work at his clinic in Boston. His parents visit him and Kay at their apartment. Kay offers to see Bob's outpatient Jimmy. Bob gets a cable from Priscilla that she is returning. Bob and Kay go to a party for Kay. Bob and Kay dance. Priscilla gets Bob to dance with her. Later Priscilla calls Bob and asks to see him. Bob tells Kay he's going to the clinic. When the clinic calls for Bob in an emergency, Kay calls Priscilla, who tells her to make an excuse. Kay goes there to get Bob and tells Kay to really love Bob. Bob operates on Jimmy as Kay and Dr. Fabre (Charley Grapewin) watch. Bob tells a doctor to take over. Bob thanks Kay and says he's a flop. Priscilla calls, and Bob plans to see her. Kay tells Dr. Dakin she is going back to Carvel. Kay cooks for her family and sees a news article about her broken marriage. Kay takes a walk with Elmer, who says he got a raise and would do anything for her. Bob drives up and asks Kay to get in. Bob and Kay kiss each other.

This improbable story shows how a girl from a small town with real love can win a wealthy Bostonian whose socialite fiancé is a bad influence on him.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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