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Love on the Run

(1936 b 80')

En: 6 Ed: 5

An heiress flees her wedding with an incognito reporter, and both are chased by spies and his rival reporter in this romantic comedy.

In London reporters Mike Anthony (Clark Gable) and Barney Pells (Franchot Tone) toss a coin to see who will cover a wedding. The bride Sally Parker (Joan Crawford) runs off and is followed by Mike. Barney wants Mike to interview the Baron (Reginald Owen). Mike finds Sally crying and lies he is an admirer. The groom Igor comes in and pleads with Sally; but Mike, before he is identified, knocks him out. Mike helps Sally escape reporters in the Baron's aviator suits. Mike cables he has a story and tries to fly a plane. The Baron sends police after the plane. Sally and Mike find a map and learn the Baron is a spy. Mike crash lands in a field. Sally and Mike argue in a cabbage truck until he threatens to leave her.

In Paris Mike cables the story. Barney finds Sally, and the three flee the Baron and the police. Mike locks Barney in the wagon, telling Sally that Barney is a reporter. She disparages prying into private lives. Mike and Sally enter Fontainebleau palace. Sally gets scared and hugs Mike. She claims a bed; but as Louis he dances a minuet with her. The caretaker (Donald Meek) respects them as ghosts. Mike plays ragtime on the piano. Mike kisses Sally; she says she trusts him, and he says he is a writer. In the morning Barney tells Sally to look at the papers, and the three flee the tour guides. Mike shows his story to Sally, making her angry. So she gives the scoop to Barney. They imagine Mike losing his job and being poor. The Baron with a gun abducts Barney while the Baroness Hilda (Mona Barrie) searches Sally's clothes. The Baron pushes Barney off the train. The editor (William Demarest) reads Mike's letter of resignation.

Injured Barney finds Mike and says that Sally is in danger. Mike borrows Barney's money and leaves him to pay for dinner. In a hotel room Mike finds Sally, and they kiss. Mike tells her that the Baron wants the map. Barney asks the police to find Sally and catches a train. Hilda disguised in Sally's clothes boards the train with Mike and demands the map, but Mike doesn't have it. The Baron finds Sally; at a restaurant she writes a note to get police, and she fails to seduce the Baron. Police arrive and arrest Sally for stealing the Baron's plane. In the car the Baron pulls a gun on the police. Barney follows Mike and Hilda to a house and finds Mike tied up, mocking him; but Mike persuades Barney to untie him and be tied up. The Baron arrives with Sally, tying up her and the police. Mike grabs the gun from Hilda and ties her up, leaving Barney tied and going with Sally; but they go back to Barney and find him calling the press. In the final scene Mike and Sally agree to marry.

This story replays in a European setting the working-class reporter romancing the fleeing heiress; his ruthless treatment of a rival reporter and friend satirizes the fierce competition in journalism.

Copyright © 2000 by Sanderson Beck

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