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Love Begins at 20

(1936 b 58')

En: 5 Ed: 4

Based on Martin Flavin's play, a nagged husband is robbed and loses his job; but he lets his daughter get married and gains his wife's respect.

Horatio Gillingwater (Hugh Herbert) gets up out of bed and is nagged by his wife Evalina Gillingwater (Dorothy Vaughan). His boss Jonathan Ramp (Clarence Wilson) asks Horatio to take a 10% cut and sends him to a bank for $30,000 in bonds. The bank is robbed by four men, who take the bonds from Horatio. A motorcycle cop is shot by the men in the fleeing car, which crashes; one is left injured. Evalina and Alice Gillingwater (Mary Treen) criticize Lois Gillingwater (Patricia Ellis) for seeing Jerry Wayne (Warren Hull). Horatio comes in late for dinner. Evalina and Alice go to the movies. Jerry comes in and gives Horatio a drink and a cigar. Jake Buckley (Hobart Cavanaugh) arrives and invites Horatio to the lodge.

Police close in on the three robbers and shoot one as two escape to the lodge meeting. Ramp says that Horatio is drunk and fires him, and Horatio assaults him. The two robbers put the bonds in Horatio's coat. Jerry gives Lois a ring and asks to elope; she agrees to ask her father's permission. Jerry goes for a judge as Horatio and Jake stagger in. Lois gets her father to say yes. Jerry brings in Judge Felton (Arthur Aylesworth), who conducts a wedding without hearing well. Evalina and Alice come in, and Evalina makes Judge Felton and Jake leave. Evalina declares war on Jerry and tells Horatio to hit her, which he does. Ramp has Horatio arrested for assault, and the bonds are found in his coat. Evalina, Alice, and Lois wash dishes as Evalina cries. Mugsy O'Banion (Robert Gleckler) and Lester come for the bonds, and Evalina recognizes Mugsy as Harold, the man she should have married. Jerry comes in and fights Harold and Lester, and Lois gets their guns. Harold and Lester are put in jail with Horatio, who meets the man his wife always admired. He asks Harold to take Evalina and twists his arm.

Jake tells Jerry and police that he saw the bonds being put in Horatio's coat. Jerry and Jake go to Ramp to get Horatio released. Ramp asks Horatio to be a partner. In the final scenes Jerry and Lois leave on their honeymoon. Harold smokes a cigar and gives Evalina orders. Evalina cries and says she wanted Horatio to get along in the world.

This comedy shows the transformation of a hen-pecked husband as his daughter marries a young man, who assists in the capture of the man the nagging wife always cited as a better example. The husband realizes how he has let his wife dominate him.

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