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Give Me Your Heart

(1936 b 88')

En: 6 Ed: 7

Based on a play by Jay Mallory, a woman bears the child of a married man and then leaves England and marries in New York.

Bob Melford (Patric Knowles) takes Belinda Warren (Kay Francis) home in his car and then goes home to his invalid wife Rosamond Melford (Frieda Inescort). Tubbs Barron (Roland Young) asks Belinda what she is going to do. She goes to Naples to consult her father Oliver Warren (Halliwell Hobbes), but he dies. Tubbs consoles Belinda. Belinda's aunt Esther Warren (Zeffie Tilbury) complains Belinda has Oliver's books in her house. Tubbs brings Bob's father Edward Farrington (Henry Stephenson) to Belinda, and he asks her to go away. He offers to pay until she is established in order to help his grandchild and reminds her she did wrong. He says that Rosamond knows but not that it is Belinda. Lord Farrington offers her child his name and estate. Belinda goes to London with Tubbs, who re-assures her. Farrington and Tubbs see her off, and on the train to the ship Belinda meets Jim Baker (George Brent).

Two years later Farrington organizes the books Belinda sent, while Tubbs plays with the child Edward. Esther Warren says he looks like his mother Rosamond; Esther also says that Belinda married Jim Baker. In New York Belinda and Jim leave a party, and he asks why she gets depressed. Jim tells Belinda he loves her, but he doesn't have her because she goes away in her mind. She refuses to go to England, and he insists. Tubbs calls on Jim about income tax while Dr. Florence Cudahy (Helen Flint) calls on Belinda and tells her to exercise. Tubbs and Belinda meet, and she learns that Farrington died, but she doesn't want to know about her son. Tubbs tells Jim that he knows Belinda and invites them with Florence to dinner; he also invites Bob and Rosamond. Belinda asks Jim to take her home, but he refuses. She drinks. When Rosamond shows a photo of Edward, Belinda cries. Bob asks Belinda if she has been miserable too. Jim dances with Belinda and asks her to sail with him; but she runs out. Rosamond catches Belinda and says she now knows. Belinda says she hates Rosamond; but Rosamond says she is happy because of Belinda. She makes Belinda look at Edward while he is sleeping, and Belinda, much relieved, thanks Rosamond. Florence tells Jim not to be too nice to Belinda and to talk to her. Belinda thanks Tubbs for saving her sanity. Tubbs asks Florence to sail with him; she agrees, and they kiss. Jim tells Belinda that it's over, and she says the trouble is over. Jim says he only needed to get tough.

Because of shame and social disgrace, Belinda has to go without seeing her child, causing her much anguish. Tubbs cleverly manages to heal her psychologically by bringing her natural family together in understanding. Thus the pain caused by social attitudes requires psychological treatment.

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