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Criminal Lawyer

(1936 b 72')

En: 5 Ed: 5

A gangster's lawyer becomes district attorney and turns against his old boss, admitting his past crimes.

Lawyer Brandon (Lee Tracy) trips up a witness to get his guilty client off. Brandon takes Betty Walker (Betty Lawford) to the gambling place of Larkin (Eduardo Ciannelli), who is paying Brandon to free his people. During a raid Brandon gets Betty out by telling police she is a reporter. In court Brandon pleads guilty for 47 people, and Larkin pays their $2350 fine. Brandon sees Madge Carter (Margot Grahame) on trial and defends her by pleading for women to the lady judge, who dismisses the case. At Brandon's apartment Madge cooks for him. He gets her an apartment in his building. Betty goes to Brandon, who is working; so she calls Bandini (Erik Rhodes) for a date. At a bar Larkin tells Brandon to become district attorney. Larkin is shot, and Brandon visits him in the hospital. Larkin tells Brandon to spring Bird-dog, who shot him.

District Attorney Hopkins asks Brandon to be his assistant. When Hopkins becomes a senator, Brandon is made D. A. Brandon works with Madge and declines Betty's invitation. Brandon prosecutes a murder case and gets Nora James to scream and faint by revealing her bed, getting her to confess. Betty becomes jealous of Madge. Brandon asks Madge out, and Betty invites him to her house. Larkin asks Brandon for help and threatens him when Brandon refuses. At Betty's party tipsy Brandon recalls he missed his date with Madge. Betty asks Bandini to sing and leaves with Brandon. She takes him to a judge, and they are wed. Brandon goes to Madge, who turns him away. Madge calls on Larkin, who says that Betty's father will make Brandon governor. Larkin cashes a check for Madge. Larkin walks past her with a gun, and shots are heard.

Brandon learns that Bird-dog was shot. Brandon has Madge held in a room. Bandini blames Brandon for Betty's unhappiness. Brandon says that Betty can get an annulment. Brandon prosecutes Larkin. Madge testifies that Larkin shot Bird-dog in self-defense. Larkin tells Brandon that Madge lied and laughs. Brandon cross-examines Madge and shows that she committed perjury. Brandon says she lied to protect the District Attorney, and she admits it. Brandon confesses that he bribed and fixed juries for Larkin, but now he is free of his past. Brandon resigns and walks out of court with Madge.

A lawyer finds that his ambition is thwarted by the corrupt methods he used to gain power when he becomes a prosecutor for the law.

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