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(1936 b 89')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A foolish executive hires a biographer and gives a factory worker a dress shop while his nephew falls in love with a bookkeeper.

Joe Cork (Jack Oakie) joins Colleen Reilly (Ruby Keeler) and her father for breakfast and says he has business ideas. Logan (Berton Churchill) and Donald Ames (Dick Powell) try to think how they can keep Donald's foolish uncle Cedric Ames (Hugh Herbert) preoccupied. Joe tells Cedric he wants to print his biography and is hired as his assistant. Noggin (Hobart Cavanaugh) shows Cedric his candy factory. Worker Minnie Hawkins (Joan Blondell) complains she has to add nuts. Donald calls Logan from Chicago and learns what his uncle has done.

Donald comes back and tells bookkeeper Colleen that her books are sketchy. Cedric bought a dress shop for Minnie to manage; but they are served with subpoenas, and resisting Joe and Cedric are arrested. Colleen tells Donald that the fashion show was her idea. He sings "I Don't Have to Dream Again." Then the fashion models sing it. Colleen sings and tap dances with Paul Gordon (Paul Draper). Donald tells Colleen that he is going to close the shop, but she changes his mind. Joe says that Colleen and he are engaged. Joe takes Minnie out to dinner, and they sing "Boulevardier from the Bronx" and dance. Cedric calls Minnie. Alicia Ames (Louise Fazenda) hears on radio that Cedric is adopting Minnie and becomes hysterical. Joe tells Minnie he loves her and plans their trip with Cedric to Europe. Donald comes in and offers Minnie a trip around the world. Joe and Donald go out to fight while Minnie gets a call from Cedric.

Donald with a black eye calls on Colleen and asks her to influence Joe; but she says her engagement with Joe is off. Donald is happy and kisses her. Joe learns he lost his job. In a park Donald sings to Colleen "An Evening with You." Joe sues Donald for taking away Colleen from him. Cedric blames his nephew Donald. Cedric tells Minnie that everything has changed. She offers to get Joe to drop the suit if she can be his daughter. Then Minnie sues Cedric, whose lawyer Schuyler (Addison Richards) offers Minnie and Joe $25,000 each to drop their cases; they sign. Schuyler offers Colleen $10,000, and she agrees but does not want the money.

Logan suggests that Donald go to Europe with Cedric. Donald calls Colleen to propose, but she says goodbye. She gets a deal using her name. On the ship Colleen and Donald run into each other, and both say they are trying to forget the other. Cedric picks up a woman but meets his wife. Donald explains and asks to marry Colleen. She sings "You Gotta Know How to Dance" and dances with Paul; but Donald sings instead. In the final scene Donald kisses Colleen.

The top executive is portrayed as a nincompoop in this romantic musical that satirizes a gold-digger, who teams with a con artist.

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